Washington, July 4: OpenAI's ChatGPT macOS app had a security issue that allowed the chats to be stored on the computer in text format. The OpenAI chats were stored on the Apple computer as plain text, which let anyone to access and read the conversation between the user and the AI chatbot. This major security issue posed a great threat if any malicious app or bad actor had access to the users' computers. 

According to a report by The Verge, with such access, the app or person could read the conversations between the user and ChatGPT, including all the data contained in them. The report mentioned that Threads user Pedro José Pereira Vieito shared a video on how the problem worked. In the video, the user opened a window of ChatGPT and asked a couple of questions. On the other hand, the user opened the text file. Koo Shutting Down: Indian Social Media Platform Built As X Rival To Shut Down As Acquisition Talks With Dailyhunt Fail, Co-Founder Mayank Bidawatka Reacts.

Pedro José Pereira Vieito Video on ChatGPT Security Issue, Watch Here:


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As the user typed, the text appeared in the file in plain text, as shown in the video. The user was seen using a programme called "ChatGPTStealer," which made the conversation between the ChatGPT and him appear in plain text format. The text loaded once the user clicked the "Load Chat..." button shortly after asking the chatbot. 

According to the report, The Verge reached out to OpenAI about this security issue, and the company released an update saying that the chats would be encrypted now. The ChatGPT developer said it knew of the issue and started shipping a new application version to encrypt the conversation between the users and the chatbot. Google Search Console Not Providing Updated Data Due to 'Latency Issues' With Search Performance Reports, Company Says 'Working to Solve This Soon'.

OpenAI spokesperson Taya Christianson reaffirmed the company's commitment to providing a helpful user experience while maintaining high-security standards. With the new update, the issue has been resolved, and users can no longer see the conversation reflected as plain text.

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