KardiaChain, the pioneering Southeast Asia-based blockchain ecosystem, unveiled a groundbreaking solution known as Kyokai in its quest for widespread blockchain adoption. This transformative concept bridges the gap between the tangible and the digital.

Kyokai, meaning “beyond the boundaries” in Japanese, encapsulates the essence of this innovation. It is an end-to-end solution that is designed to digitise and bestow identities upon physical entities such as products, activities, landmarks, and artworks. It achieves this by harnessing the power of non-fungible tokens.

Technologically, Kyokai consists of three key components: the KardiaChain infrastructure, serving as the blockchain foundation; embedded NFC (Near Field Communication) chips within physical products; and a user-friendly application layer.

 “While blockchain applications are often cumbersome and serve niche markets, the Kyokai solution seamlessly integrates seemingly disparate applications into a comprehensive end-to-end ecosystem,” Pham says.

In essence, Kyokai delivers an all-in-one, integrated solution encompassing infrastructure, hardware, and software applications. This approach offers convenience and wide applicability to both crypto and non-crypto users, ushering digital assets into the everyday lives of people across various aspects of the physical world.

Bridging the physical-digital divide

Kyokai's creation aligns with KardiaChain's 10-year development plan and signifies the evolution of its initial vision.

By combining the resources of KardiaChain and its partners, Kyokai evolved into a versatile bridge capable of accommodating four primary components of the physical world: identity, object, activity, and location. It operates seamlessly on the robust KardiaChain blockchain infrastructure.

 To crypto enthusiasts, Kyokai represents a pivotal step towards a blockchain-driven future. However, to those less familiar with crypto, Kyokai serves as an all-encompassing tool for simplifying blockchain concepts and unlocking unique value propositions.

It enables the exchange of products and items, tracks activities both online and offline, and powers applications like Raramuri—a sports platform transcending physical boundaries—and Ortho, a digital fashion house blurring the lines between physical and digital fashion.

While Kyokai is currently reserved for exclusive partners in 2023, it will open its doors to the public nationwide in Vietnam in 2024.

KardiaChain’s infrastructure

However, for Kyokai to thrive, it needs the infrastructure provided by KardiaChain. KardiaChain stands as the first and foremost decentralised interoperable blockchain infrastructure in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. It offers hybrid blockchain solutions to governments and enterprises across the region, collaborating with major service providers to decentralise their existing offerings.

“Our journey began with the ambition to bridge the gaps in the blockchain ecosystem,” says Tri Pham, the co-founder of KardiaChain. “We envisioned a future where blockchain seamlessly integrates with the daily lives of people, governments, and enterprises. We aimed to create a unified platform that transcends the limitations of existing blockchain protocols.”

Since 2020, KardiaChain has achieved significant milestones, including the development of its mainnet and the introduction of the native KAI token.

“We recognised the need for an interoperable solution that could break down the silos between public and private blockchains,” adds Huy Nguyen, co-founder and CTO of KardiaChain. This led to the development of our unique Dual-node feature, which fosters communication and collaboration across the blockchain landscape. Our goal is clear: global mass adoption through unity and strength.”

The platform's unique dual-node feature addresses the fragmentation of the blockchain ecosystem, facilitating seamless communication between public and private blockchains, and transcending protocol boundaries.

KardiaChain's ultimate goal is global mass adoption, achieved through a unified platform fueled by the collective strength of its participants.

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