Every archaeological finding is important because it reveals something interesting about the past life. But a recent finding from a burial site in the Russian republic of Tuva has stunned even the archaeologists, as they found an iPhone like object along with a skeleton. Researchers excavated the area known as 'The Russian Atlantis,' and discovered a woman skeleton dating back more than 2,000 years ago. But more than the skeletal bones, an iPhone-like object was found in the tomb which left the researchers in sweet surprise. Oldest Human Remain Found Outside Africa In Form Of 210,000-Year-Old Skull.

The researchers have nicknamed the ancient female skeleton Natasha and her accessory is called an 'iPhone' as it very much resembles the Apple product. The cellphone-like object is actually a gemstone pad that is decorated with Chinese wuzhu coins of different colours. These coins are believed to be minted around 2,137 years ago. The decorative items are of turquoise, carnelian and mother-of-pearl. "Natasha’s’ burial with a Xiongnu-era iPhone remains one of the most interesting at this burial site," said Pavel Leus in a new publication to sum up their recent finding. Given the cost of these precious stones, the cost of this iPad would be more than that of an iPhone today. 1000-Year-Old Cocaine and Psychedelic Drug Traces Found in Ancient Excavations From Bolivia!

Here's a Video of The Excavation:

The area from where the excavation was made happens to be a giant manmade reservoir on the Yenisei River. Also among Russia's biggest power plant, the water here drains only in the months of May and June. That is when the researchers undertook excavation and made the interesting find. The graves here are said to dating back to the Bronze Age, the time of Genghis Khan. This discovery is also important because before this two partly-mummified prehistoric women skeletons were found buried with their tools of the trade. About 110 burials have appeared on an island reservoir at  Ala-Tey site.

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