Mumbai, June 26: Online shopping giant Amazon has become the latest target in a wave of sophisticated scams sweeping through digital platforms. Fraudsters are exploiting Amazon's trusted brand to orchestrate One-Time Password (OTP) scams, preying on unsuspecting customers through deceptive phone calls while posing as Amazon customer service or delivery agents. These scams, designed to trick users into revealing their account credentials, highlight growing concerns about cybersecurity and consumer protection in the digital age.

In a proactive move against the escalating threat of OTP scams targeting online shoppers, Amazon India has forged a strategic alliance with the Uttar Pradesh Police. This collaboration aims to tackle the increasing incidents where fraudsters pose as Amazon representatives to deceive customers into sharing their OTPs. The partnership, under the banner of #MissionGraHAQ, emphasises both consumer education and enforcement measures to safeguard the integrity of online transactions. Amazon Investment in India: E-Commerce Giant Pumps Rs 1,600 Crore in Its India Arm 'Amazon Seller Services'.

What Is Amazon OPT Scam?

The Amazon OTP scam involves fraudsters posing as Amazon customer service representatives or delivery agents. They contact unsuspecting customers via phone calls, claiming there is an unexpected order or delivery associated with the victim's Amazon account. To resolve this supposed issue urgently, they convinced the victim to disclose their OTP, which is typically used for account verification. Once the scammer obtains the OTP, they gain unauthorised access to the victim's Amazon account. This access allows them to make unauthorised purchases, view personal information, and potentially carry out other malicious activities. Amazon Layoffs: E-Commerce Giant Announces Fresh Job Cuts, Lays Off Hundreds of Employees in Cloud Computing Unit.

Ways to Protect Yourself From Scammers

To protect yourself from Amazon OTP scams, it's essential to maintain a cautious approach. Firstly, never share your OTP or account credentials over the phone or through messages claiming to be from Amazon. Amazon explicitly states they will never ask for your OTP to cancel orders or deliveries. Always verify the authenticity of any communication by contacting Amazon directly through official channels or visiting their website. Additionally, enable two-factor authentication (2FA) on your Amazon account for an added layer of security. Stay informed about common scam tactics and educate yourself on Amazon's official guidelines for online safety.

In the face of rising cyber threats, vigilance is key. Scammers masquerading as Amazon agents target unsuspecting customers, urging them to divulge login credentials under false urgency about unauthorized orders or deliveries. Remember, Amazon will never ask for your OTP over the phone. Protect yourself by never sharing sensitive information, and report suspicious communications directly to Amazon at

Amazon India and the Uttar Pradesh Police have united under #MissionGraHAQ to combat fraud, emphasising consumer education and safety. If you've fallen victim to cybercrime, report it promptly to the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal at or dial 1930. Stay informed, stay secure.

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