WhatsApp Down: Users Take to Twitter to Complain About Outage With #WhatsAppDown Hashtag, Share Funny Memes and Jokes
WhatsApp Logo (Photo Credits: Unsplash)

Netizens on Sunday complained about WhatsApp not working. The temporary outage created a great inconvenience to the messaging app's users. After which, several users took to Twitter to complain that they are unable to send images and videos on WhatsApp. They tweeted with #WhatsAppDown hashtag. They also shared funny memes and jokes to express their displeasure of services not working.  WhatsApp & Instagram Down Worldwide, Photos and Audio Cannot Be Downloaded: Twitterati Share Funny Memes

Many social media users complained that they were unable to post pictures and videos on the social messaging app. "Everyone worried about efficiency of power grid to handle #9Minute9baje but whatsapp grid failed to handle the sudden surge of diya status uploads!!! #WhatsAppDown," a user said.

Another tweeted: "After huge traffic of multiples staus upload, looks like WhatsApp media is down again on India. Anyone facing same issue ? #WhatsAppDown #WhatsApp."

Here's What Netizens Have To Say:

There is no comment from WhatsApp about the outage in services. Users are waiting for clarification about when the services will be restored. Meanwhile, the outrage seems to be temporary. On March 22 also, the social media messaging app was down.