Devendra Fadnavis vs Maharashtra Government Over Secret Remdesivir Stock; Bruck Pharma, Mumbai Police & Fadnavis In Late Night Row

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Mumbai police summoned a director of Bruck Pharma, a Daman-based pharmaceutical manufacturing company that manufactures remdesivir for questioning about a huge quantity of the drug stored in Mumbai. The person, who the police did not identify, was let go from the Vile Parle police station where he was questioned for about 45 minutes. The police said the remdesivir stockpile was going to be illegally flown out abroad by air cargo, though export of the drug has been banned by the government. But it appears that the stock had been arranged by the BJP for distribution in Maharashtra. On learning that company director was being questioned, former chief minister Devendra Fadnavis & another top BJP leader Praveen Darekar rushed to the police station. There, the two leaders declared to media persons that the Maharashtra unit of the BJP had taken the initiative to reach out to various pharma companies due to the shortage of remdesivir. The late night fracas came hours after Maharashtra Minister Nawab Malik alleged that the Centre was had asked Remdesivir manufacturers not to supply to Maharashtra. He said under the circumstances, the state government would have no choice but to seize the stocks from these export manufacturers and supply it those who need them. Watch the video to know more.

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