Nutella, a popular chocolate hazelnut spread said on Twitter that its products are not ‘halal’. The tweet from Nutella came in response to a question. When a Twitter user asked the brand whether its products are halal, ‘No, they are not halal,' Nutella’s official Twitter handle replied. The tweet divided people. A section of people said Nutella's response is evident that its products are prohibited for Muslims, whereas others opined that Nutella is not ‘halal’ certified but permissible as it is suitable for vegetarians, meaning no animal content & alcohol. The word 'halal' means permissible. Islam prohibits certain actions and allows for other activities. Things that are allowed is called ‘halal’ and banned activities are called ‘haram’. In the context of food, halal means items that Muslims can consume. For example, alcohol or products made of alcohol are haram for Muslims, meat of vegetarian animals is halal or allowed but pork and donkey meat is haram. Watch the video to know more.