Aadhaar Gets Thumps Up from Bill Gates: Microsoft Founder Says UIDAI Will be Helpful
Bill Gates Has Said that the Benefits of Aadhaar are many. Image Used for Representational Purpose Only (Photo Credit: Twitter)

Washington, May 3: Microsoft founder Bill Gates who is also the world's second richest man after Jeff Bezos, has said in his statement that Aadhaar and the technology driving it should not be a concern as far as privacy is concerned. Not only that, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has reportedly recommended Aadhaar as "worth emulating" and has provided funds to the World Bank for spreading a similar identification drive in other countries.

The American billionaire who is known for his philanthropy has heaped praise on Infosys co-founder and former UIDAI Chairperson Nandan Nilekani. He also confirmed that Nandan Nilekani has been involved and helping the World Bank in emulating Aadhaar like schemes in other countries. "I'm both good friend and an admirer of Nandan Nilekani and some of the initiatives of digitisation efforts that can help with education that can help with governance," he said. Bill Gates also told news agency PTI that the benefits of Aadhaar are very high.

He further added "Yes, countries should adopt that approach because the quality of governance has a lot to do with how quickly countries are able to grow their economy and empower their people," Gates said in response to a question. "We have funded the World Bank to take this Aadhaar approach to other countries," he said.

It is believed that several countries, including some from India's neighbourhood, have approached New Delhi for assistance in this matter. "Aadhaar in itself doesn't pose any privacy issue because it's just a bio ID verification scheme," Gates, the head of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, said when asked about the concerns about privacy issues raised by certain quarters in India.

"The individual applications that use Aadhaar, you have to look and see what's been stored and who has access to that information. And so, application by application, you have to make sure that's well managed. In the case of the financial bank account I think it's handled very well," he said.

"(It uses) Aadhar to set up the accounts so that you can both get your cell phone and get your bank account," he added. Observing that Aadhaar was started before Prime Minister Narendra Modi came into office, Gates said that it was very much to his credit that he was willing to embrace it.

In his lecture on 'Technology for Transformation' organised by NITI Aayog on November 2016, Gates had said that Aadhaar is something that had never been done by any government before, not even in a rich country.

Aadhaar is a 12-digit unique identity number for Indians, based on their biometric and demographic data. The data is collected by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), a statutory authority established in January 2009 by the Government of India. (With PTI Inputs)