Air India First Officer Captain Rithwik Tiwari Found Dead Inside a Toilet at Meydan Riyadh Health Club in Saudi Arabia
Air India (File image/PTI)

New Delhi, May 30: In a shocking incident, a 27-year-old Air India pilot was found dead in a hotel in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday morning. The deceased identified as Rithwick Tiwari was a first officer with the state-run airline. Tiwari died reportedly of a heart attack at Meydan Riyadh health club in Hotel Holiday Inn in Riyadh.

Indian Embassy officials in Riyadh have confirmed the pilot's death. According to a report by PTI, the pilot died reportedly of a heart attack while working out in the hotel gym, according to crew sources. Reports inform that Tiwari's colleague Captain Renu Maulay identified the body after police broke open the door of a small toilet room inside the health club of Hotel Holiday Inn where it was found lying sideways, they said.

According to details by Air India spokesperson , the family of the pilot has been informed. "We got the news of the death of our pilot in Riyadh, we informed his family as well as our Embassy", the spokesperson  said.

An Air India spokesperson in New Delhi said the airline's manager in Riyadh was coordinating the matter and they are awaiting the nod from the embassy before the body is flown to India.