AK-47 Manufacturer Kalashnikov Unveils 'Electric Car'; Gives Competition To Elon Musk's Tesla
AK-47 Manufacturer Kalashnikov unveils its new 'electric car' (Photo Credits: Twitter/@Alexkokcharov)

Moscow, August 24: The Russian arms maker Kalashnikov has ventured into the manufacturing of electric cars. On Thursday Kalashnikov unveiled its new electric car. According to the company, its electric car is inspired by a rare 1970s model. According to a report published in The Guardian, the company also claimed to give tough competition to Elon Musk’s Tesla. Kalashnikov is best known for manufacturing AK-47 assault rifles.

At a defence expo organised near Moscow, it presented the retro-looking pale blue prototype, the CV-1. According to Kalashnikov, the look of the new car is inspired by a Soviet hatchback model developed in the 1970s called “Izh-Kombi”. Its holding company, Kalashnikov Concern, claimed that it had developed cutting-edge elements for the “electric supercar” which includes a “revolutionary” inverter.

The company claimed that the vehicle could travel 217 miles (350km) on one charge. Kalashnikov is trying to expand its brand. Recently it has launched lines of clothing and other civilian merchandise which ranges from umbrellas to mobile phone covers.

However, Its entry into electric vehicles has received mixed reactions from Russians. Earlier this week, the company has unveiled a concept for a bipedal battle robot. The golden-colour machine, reportedly named “Igorek” is in production stages. Kalashnikov shared the walker during the Army-2018 international military forum and expo.