China: 14 Children Stabbed by 39-Year-Old Woman Staffer at Kindergarten
Image Used for Representational Purpose Only | (Photo Credits: Crate and Barrel)

14 children have been stabbed by a woman working in a Kindergarten in China's Chongqing province. The police said that the motive behind the heinous crime committed by her is not clear and that a kitchen knife was used in the attack on children.

The attack is said to have taken place when the school children were being taken back to the class after the morning exercise, as per media reports. The assailant, a 39-year-old woman working in the Kindergarten, was stopped by the teachers in the school and the security guard. She was also beaten by the parents informed media reports. Germany Knife Attack: Mother and Son Killed, 2 Police Personnel Injured.

Videos of parents anger was shared on Twitter from the place of incident. Check them below:

Several other distressing footages have begun to circulate online and paint a tragic picture with description of how some children have been brutally attacked. The number of children taken to hospital is not clear yet, however all precautions are being taken to ensure the children are taken out of the trauma environment.