New Delhi, April 27: Union minister Anurag Thakur on Wednesday attacked the Congress over "rise in crime" against women in the party-ruled Rajasthan, and accused its leadership of being a mute, unconcerned spectator. The BJP leader also accused the party of creating tensions among different communities in Rajasthan.

"It seems the Congress has its hands tied and has lost its voice," Thakur said. "In Hathras, the way Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi came forward, and Sonia Gandhi made incessant statements… Why have Sonia ji, Rahul ji, and Priyanka ji turned mute spectators now?" he asked. Anurag Thakur Says ‘May Month To Be Dedicated to Women’s Health Issues in Himachal Pradesh’.

"Do they have nothing to do with the women and children of Rajasthan? While the entire country's media was running after them in Hathras, how many people have gone to Rajasthan to highlight the plight of women there," he said.

Thakur alleged that such incidents were happening every day, and instead of addressing the law and order, the Congress is trying to divide the society.

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