New Delhi, April 26: The Kia Sonet, a premium Compact SUV model, has achieved a new milestone in just 3.6 years. The automobile company has announced that its Kia Sonet has surpassed the 4,00,000 sales in both Indian and international markets in 44 months. Kia announced in its official press release that Sonet had revolutionized the "Compact SUV" segment and created multiple benchmarks by Kia's third launch in the country in September 2020.

Kia confirmed that out of these sales numbers, 3,17,754 units were sold by the company in the domestic market. The company also said an additional 85,814 units were dispatched to the overseas markets. The company mentioned that after 44 months since the launch, nearly 63% of the customers selected the Kia Sonet models with sunroof. Kia is also said to have observed a "favourable consumer shift" towards automatic vehicles. 2024 Jeep Wrangler Facelift Launched in India; Check Prices, Features, Colours, Variants & Specifications

Mr. Myunk-sik Sohn, Kia India's Chief Sales Officer, commented on the success of the Kia Sonet and said that the "Compact SUV" segment presented a big opportunity, and several first-time buyers entered the segment directly. He added that Kia Sonet had been the company's second-best innovation, perfectly capturing their imagination. Kia Sonet offered the customers a tech-enabled, futuristic, and comfortable mobility solution. 

Kia Sonet Specifications - Engine and Transmission Preferred By Customers

Kia India said 63% of consumers preferred the petrol engine variant, but 37% went for the powerful 1.5-litre diesel engine. Kia also shared that people preferred the 7DCT transmission, which has grown by 37.20% since 2020. The company also highlighted that the Kia Sonet seven-speed DCT and six-speed AT transmission contributed 28%, while the iMT had a steady preference among the people, with a 23% sales contribution. 2024 Jeep Wrangler Facelift Launched in India; Check Prices, Features, Colours, Variants & Specifications.

To give customers a choice, the company also introduced four new Kia Sonet mild variants, including HTE (O) and HTK (O) variants, for diesel and petrol engines. HTE (O) was introduced with a sunroof, and the HTK (O) was introduced with LED-connected taillamps, a rear defogger, and FATC (Fully Automatic Temperature Control). Under the 'Make in India' initiative, the company sold 9,000 Kia Sonet cars on an average per month.

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