What Le-Vel Thrive side effects should you be aware of before you commit to the Thrive Experience?

 They say that if you don’t have your health, you don’t really have anything. And while that may sound like an oversimplification, the truth is that health is a big deal. And it’s not hard to understand why: People of all ages, cultures, and orientations want to look good and feel good. As such, the health-and-wellness industry has become a pretty big deal as well.

Health-and-wellness businesses are designed to take some of the stress out of self improvement. By offering solutions — usually in the form of nutritional supplements, guides, plans, products, and more — many of these companies promise improved health without all of the hassle. But are they as effective, or as safe, as they claim?

To help answer this question, let’s take a look at one of the most popular (and successful) newcomers to the health-and-wellness space: Le-Vel Thrive.

A Closer Look at Le-Vel Thrive

Founded back in 2012, Le-Vel is a “premium lifestyle” company that managed to generate over two billion dollars within its first seven years. Le-Vel offers multiple wellness products, but its chief offering is the Le-Vel Thrive Experience.

The Le-Vel Thrive Experience is a lifestyle plan, available in 2-week, 4-week, and 8-week packages, that consists of daily, specialized supplements combined with personalized health goals. The supplements themselves consist of capsules, shakes, and Derma Fusion Technology (DFT) patches, which are transdermal patches that stick to the skin and supply the user with a steady stream of nutrients throughout the day. The Le-Vel website states that when used correctly and in conjunction with one another, these products can “help individuals experience and reach peak physical & mental levels,” and goes on to suggest that users are “going to live, look, and feel Ultra Premium like never before.”

Le-Vel Thrive Reviews and Ingredients

Jargon aside, there may be something concrete to these claims. Looking at Le-Vel Thrive reviews, it seems as though the overall user consensus is positive. Many Thrive reviews identify health benefits from using the product, including weight loss, increased energy levels, improved mood, clearer focus, and others. And, given the ingredients, this isn’t too difficult to believe.

As previously mentioned, the Thrive Experience essentially consists of three delivery methods for a range of nutritional supplements. But whether these nutrients are entering the body via capsules, shakes, or patches, the ingredients themselves remain relatively benign. These consist primarily of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and probiotics. Additionally, the Le-Vel products contain coffee and tea extracts for energy, ForsLean for weight loss, and other natural ingredients. In other words, the Thrive Experience is basically an advanced system designed to make sure users get optimal nutrition, while also providing a few additional ingredients to improve focus and energy and promote healthy weight loss.

Of course, even high-quality, natural ingredients can sometimes cause problems. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at potential Thrive supplements side effects.

 Le-Vel Thrive Side Effects

When dealing with natural ingredients and essential nutrients, the risk of negative side effects is fairly minimal. Unfortunately, there is always a chance that a person’s body may not react well to certain foods. We’re all different, after all, and something that is entirely beneficial to one person may cause problems for another.

For example, issues such as nausea, headaches, and anxiety have been reported in conjunction with caffeine use, so there is a small possibility that the coffee and green tea in the Thrive Experience may negatively affect a small percentage of users. In the same vein, ForsLean (made from the subtropical plant Coleus forskohlii) is an effective weight-management supplement that also promotes better sleep, but may be associated with flushing of the skin in some users.

Still, for the vast majority of users, negative side effects associated with Thrive ingredients are practically non existent.

That said, there is one other factor to consider when discussing Thrive side effects, and that’s the DFT patch.

Thrive DFT Patch Side Effects

While Thrive capsules and shakes are designed to be consumed in the morning, thus giving the user the right nutrient boost to start the day, the DFT patch was created to help ensure a steady supply of the right nutrients all day long. But because the patch sticks directly to the users’ body, those with certain allergies or extremely sensitive skin may experience some discomfort in using the product. There have been some unverified reports of skin rashes or localized itchiness, though these may be linked to other factors, rather than being actual Thrive DFT patch side effects.

Final Thoughts

The Le-Vel Thrive Experience uses essential nutrients and natural ingredients to help promote improved health and focus. But while the risk of side effects appears extremely low, it is always a good idea to discuss with your doctor before making any dietary or lifestyle changes. Your physician will have a clearer picture of your unique circumstances, and will be able to help you inform your decision.

We all want to be healthier, but when it comes to new health and wellness products, it’s always a good idea to be cautious. Thankfully, the Le-Vel Thrive Experience seems relatively side-effect free.