Laila Majnu Quick Movie Review: Avinash Tiwari and Tripti Dimri Make Confident Debuts
Laila Majnu new poster (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Laila Majnu, one of the most told and loved folklores in India, gets a modern re-telling in Sajid Ali. His elder brother film-maker Imtiaz Ali has presented the film, while Ekta Kapoor has produced Laila Majnu. Avinash Tiwari and Tripti Dimri are playing the leads in the film. Our in-house critic Sreeju Sudhakaran is watching Laila Majnu right now and here's what he has to say about the first half-

"Laila Majnu is set in the beautiful locales of Kashmir, and has some lovely visuals. Not to mention an amazing musical score. These two factors enhance the age-old love story of Laila and Majnu. Though, in the first half, he is just Kaes Bhat, madly in love with the vivacious Laila. However, as the folklore goes, their families can't see eye-to-eye with each other, and doesn't approve of their match. Laila's father gets her married to a wily family friend while Kaes, spurned by Laila who fears her father's suicide threat, promises her that she will seek him. Laila Majnu Music ReviewJoi Barua, Niladri Kumar Compose One of the Best Albums of the Year For This Imtiaz Ali-Ekta Kapoor Production.

There is nothing surprising about the story. But what surprising are the wonderful performances by both the lead actors. Talented and Confident, Avinash and Tripti share a lovely chemistry as well. The first half has been better than decent, and was light in tone too. We know that things are going to take a dark turn so expecting better progress from here"