Cliff Richard Says He Is Afraid to Go Near Kids After False Allegations of Being a ‘Paedophile’
Pop icon Cliff Richard. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

London, December 1: Pop icon Cliff Richard has admitted he will no longer be seen with children amid fears he will be branded a paedophile. The 78-year-old singer spent two years being investigated but was never charged after being accused of sexual abuse in 2014 and said that he now tries to avoid being photographed with children. ''They have given me something I can never ever be free of. Ever! I do not have any hint of that kind of activity in my background -- none at all. If I was a paedophile there's no way I could hide it for 60 years. It's impossible.

"I thought I was going to die, supposing I had a heart attack. I had shingles and I didn't sleep more than an average of two hours a night," Richard said during the filming of ITV's "Sir Cliff Richard, 60 Years in Public and Private". Child Sex Abuse: Government Changes Visa Process For Foreign Nationals to Prevent Entry of Paedophiles.

The musician's close friend Gloria Hunniford said he told her, ''I will never put my arms around young people again when I'm having photographs taken.'' Richard has previously said he would never have got through the last four years without his Christian faith.