Johnny Depp Approves Of Daughter Lily-Rose Depp Dating 'Call Me By Your Name' Actor Timothee Chalamet!
Timothee Chalamet and Lily-Rose Depp are dating. Picture Courtesy: Instagram

Johnny Depp's 19-year-old daughter Lily-Rose Depp has found a match for herself in actor Timothee Chalamet! For starters, let's fawn at the thought of the Call Me By Your Name hottie who part French/American/Jewish, dating Depp's daughter! Rumour mills were abuzz with reports of Lily-Rose and Timothee finding love in each other's company after they were first spotted cosying up in New York City. How did they first meet? Well, Lily-Rose and Timothee first met while filming for their upcoming Netflix original film, The KingJack Sparrow Is Krishna? Pirates of the Caribbean Writer Reveals Johnny Depp’s Character Was Inspired by the Hindu God! 

While the two young lovebirds have been having a good time in each other's company, has found out that father Johnny Depp completely approves of Timothee! Johnny thinks Lily's picked a winner with Timothee! A source close to the actor stated, “Johnny gives Lily a lot of respect and freedom, he thinks she’s brilliant and totally trusts her choices.” The Pirates Of The Caribbean actor, as per the source, is thrilled to find how perfect Lily-Rose and Timothee are considering how both of them are bilingual with impeccable acting chops!

The source further added, “She absolutely has his blessing when it comes to dating Timothee, especially because they both speak fluent French. Johnny is very proud that Lily’s bilingual so the fact that she’s found a boyfriend in America that she can speak French with is a big deal, that makes Johnny extra happy. It’s still a very new relationship and Johnny isn’t one to push himself into Lily’s life but when she’s ready to bring Timothee home, Johnny will welcome him with open arms.” With the father's approval, will we get to see more outings of these two cuddling up? Let's hope! Johnny Depp Has 'Period of Depression' After Making Movie

This is not the first time Chalamet has dated a big Hollywood celebrity's daughter. You must know, before Lily-Rose, Timothee also dated madonna's daughter Lourdes Leon. Perhaps being intimidated by star parents is not in Timothee's books and we're glad!