Naagin 3 19th August 2018 Written Update of Full Episode: Bela Finds Mahir Alive And Wonders if He is Actually Her Soulmate as Per The Prophecy
Photo Credit: Colors TV/ Episode Stills

Today's episode of Naagin 3 starts with Bela entering the house as she wonders if she actually killed Mahir. Ajithab is surprised by Vish at home. Vish is playing the good girl as she impresses Ajithab's mother by making food for her.

Ajithab feels it weird as he asks her to not work at his house as they are colleagues. Ajithab finally gives in as Vish insists. Sumitra sees Bela walking inside, and she runs to hug her.

Vish decides to check the file which has Yuvi's autopsy, but Ajithab interrupts. Sumitra gets Bela inside, and she remembers all her moments with Mahir. Vish waits outside Ajithab's room and eavesdrops on his conversation as she comes to know that the entire autopsy reports have not yet come.

Ajithab confronts Vish for sneaking around and asks her why she is after the autopsy report. Vish says that she just wanted to know more about the case. Sumitra asks Bela where she was when Mahir was being taken to the hospital.

Bela suddenly notices that it is Mukti's picture on the table. She realises that it is not Mahir but Mukt who is dead. Sumitra says that Mahir had an allergic reaction to almonds and nothing more.

She comes to know that Mahir is fine. Bela runs to her room as she is relieved that Mahir is fine. She runs around searching for Mahir and finally sees him talking on the phone. She follows him to their room happily. She runs to hug him and says that she thought she lost him.

Mahir says that he is fine and it was only allergy. Mahir looks distant, and Bela remembers how the nagpandit said that only her soulmate can survive her poison. Mahir shocks her further when he says that he got Yuvi's call and that he is also preparing divorce papers.

Bela turns up at Ajithab's house and meets Vish there. She tells Ajithab she is sorry for avoiding his question and now she is going to the temple. Vish gets the signal and knows she has to meet Bela.

Vish and Bela fight over Mahir being alive. Vish threatens Bela saying she herself will kill Mahir if Bela fails to do that. Bela wakes up next morning with Vish's message who gives her another 17hrs to kill Mahir.

Sumitra asks Bela to go to Mittal house that day. Mahir says he will pick Bela up in the evening. Mahir keeps his distance from Bela and asks her to stop acting as this is their last night as a couple and Yuvi will come home the next day.

Bela feels someone brushing past her and tries looking who it is but finds no one. Bela sees Mhair with his friends and how his friends admire him. Bela is not able to handle the way she feels about Mahir and tries to remind herself about her revenge.

Kuhu surprises Bela by saying she has brought the juice for her which she asked. Bela is surprised, it is almost like she has a dupe walking around. Bela gets more and more confused, and she goes to the washroom. She finds her dupe there and understands it is Vish. Vish says that she came here to keep a watch on her.