Nitish Bharadwaj, Mahabharat's Krishna, Defends Sonakshi Sinha From Mukesh Khanna's Jibe On Her Ignorance of Ramayan!
Nitish Bhardwaj, Sonakshi Sinha, Mukesh Khanna (Photo Credits: File Image)

Sonakshi Sinha is not getting rid of stories around her ignorance of Ramayana anytime soon, it seems. After being trolled for weeks for failing to answer a question about Ramayana and being at the receiving end of jibes from Mukesh Khanna, the access has found an ally from Mahabharat. Lord Krisha has come to her rescue. Well, sort of. The actor who played Lord Krishna, Nitish Bhardwaj, defended Sonakshi and schooled his Mahabharat co-star Mukesh Khanna. In an interview with Times of India, “I would like to tell my friend Mukesh Khanna that there may be a whole new generation which doesn’t know details of Indian heritage and its literature. It is not their fault."

Nitish further explained, "There was a sea change in India’s economic environment after 1992 that everyone started running the rat race, trying to make their careers and prosper financially.”

Nitish also pointed out the education system in India which has remained flawed since the British Raj.  "If at all we need to fault someone, which I don’t think is the answer, then it is the previous generation parents, who failed to expose their children to our heritage and literature. It is also due to our myopic educational system, implemented by the British during the Raj, which leaves no room for cultural and value-based education to be a part of our regular curriculum,"

"The pressure on parents to put their children in after-school tuitions is so high that this additional spare time cannot be devoted to imparting religious values and texts to the children. Failure to change or modify this educational system has been the failure of most governments post 1947. Any effort made to the contrary is labelled as ‘religious fanaticism’. So there are many system related faults which have resulted in this syndrome,"

So, this controversial topic resurfaced after popular mythological shows like Ramayan and Mahabharat were retelecast on TV during the COVIOD-19 pandemic lockdown. yesteryear actors were in limelight once again. Mukesh Khanna, in an interview, said that the rerun of the shows will be useful to people unaware of our mythological sagas. "It will also help people like Sonakshi Sinha," he said, adding, "People like her don’t know who did lord Hanuman get Sanjivani for.”

Sonakshi had appeared on an episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati, a couple of months ago. “For whom did Hanuman bring Sanjeevani booty?" KBC host Amitabh Bachchan had asked her. The actress failed to answer the question.