Isn’t it astounding to learn about all those industries that give birth to numerous promising brands and businesses every year? These industries thrive on the success of the brands they welcome consistently, ultimately providing more opportunities for people, especially the youth, to flourish and create robust careers around the same.

What better than Avish Educom to serve as an example here as an education brand and multi-skill center based in Durg, Chhattisgarh? Founded by Manish Parakh, who is also the Chairman, and co-founded by Nilesh Parakh, also the CEO, Avish Educom has risen as a one-of-a-kind educational brand and multi-skill center that has the power to make students realize their potential, help them in honing their skills and turning them into extraordinary talented beings.

Avish Educom offers more than 30 skilled courses across niches like interior, DCA/PGDCA/BCA, CADD software civil/mech, web graphics and animation, tally, cloud computing, and cyber security and fashion designing. Particularly their fashion course has, over the years, gained massive momentum and success for the kind of incredible opportunities it has provided students with. For example, at Avish Educom, they provide students with fashion platforms to showcase their exceptional talents in the same.

Their fashion students have already been a part of Bangalore Fashion Week twice. They also attempted for a Guinness Book of World Records for the longest fashion show by DreamZone, where 40 students had participated and even received certificates both from the Guinness Book of World Records and DreamZone.

Not just that, fashion students even participated in the Khadi Fashion Show. The multi-skill center is the only one to organize the biggest fashion show in Chhattisgarh named “Sparsh” in 2019 and 2022. The shows were attended by 3-4K audiences and graced by Miss Universe Diva Nehal Chudasama, Mrs Universe Shilpa Agrawal, and Vivek Jaitly. This year it was graced by Kashmir Files fame actor Darshan Kumar and model/actor Dinesh Mohan, who was the showstopper as well for the show.

Avish Educom ( has truly raised the bar for others in the education other by providing real experiences to students through their skilling courses, just like they did for upping their students’ game in fashion.