The World Directory of Modern Military Aircraft (WDMMA) published the Global Air Powers Ranking of 2022 in which it placed the Indian Air Force at third position.

The Indian Air Force has been placed 3rd on World Air Power Index in terms of the total fighting strength of the various air services of different national of the world. IAF has been placed above the Chinese Air Force also known as People’s Liberation Army Air Force.

IAF has also been placed above Israeli Air Force, Japan Air Self-Defence Force and French and Space Force.

According to the report, the Indian Air Force (IAF) currently counts 1,645 total units in its active aircraft inventory. Republic Day Parade 2022: IAF Tableau Displays Theme 'Indian Air Force Transforming For The Future', Showcases Scaled-Down Models of MiG-21, Gnat, Rafale Aircraft (View Pics)

What is WDMMA?

The World Directory of Modern Military Aircraft (WDMMA) evaluates by taking into various factors and presents a comprehensive report that describes in detail the current strengths and inherent weaknesses of modern military air services across the globe. Currently, the WDMMA is tracking 98 countries, covering 124 air services and following a total of 47,840 aircraft. 

How does the WDMMA prepare the report?

While preparing its annual ranking on the modern military air services across the globe, the WDMMA uses a formula which takes into account values related to the total fighting strength of the various air services of the nations. The formula produces the 'TrueValueRating' (TvR), which helps WDMMA to separate each power based on not just the overall strength, but also on factors like modernisation, logistical support, attack and defence capabilities. Thus, the military air power of a country is not analysed only based on its total quantity of aircraft but rather on its quality and general mix of inventory. IAF Successfully Test-Fires BrahMos Extended-Range Missile From Sukhoi Fighter Jet

The Global Air Powers Ranking (2022) report has given the highest TvR score to the United States Air Force (USAF)- 242.9. The USAF comprises a broad mix of aircraft types and several products are locally sourced from the massive industrial base of the US.

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