Indian Navy Day 2019: List of Daring Military Operations Carried Out by Indian Navy During Wars & Conflicts
Navy Day 2019 (Photo Credits: Facebook)

The Navy Day, observed annually on December 4, is celebrated to commemorate the achievements and role of India’s naval force in protecting the maritime borders of India. December 4 is chosen as the Navy Day, as Indian Navy sank four Pakistani vessels including PNS Khaibar as part of Operation Trident which was launched by India on Pakistan's port city of Karachi during 1971 War. Indian Navy Drives Away Suspicious Chinese Vessel From Indian Waters Near Port Blair.

The Indian Navy is a well-balanced and cohesive three-dimensional force, capable of operating above, on and under the water. The Chief of the Naval Staff (CNS) is the head of the force who takes the operational and administrative decision of the force. The Navy has three Commands - The Western Naval Command, The Eastern Naval Command and The Southern Naval Command. Sub Lieutenant Shivangi Joins Indian Navy as First Woman Pilot, Know All About Her Inspiring Journey.

Here Are Military Operations Carried Out By Indian Navy During Various Conflicts:

Operation Trident: Operation Trident was launched by the Indian Navy on Pakistan's port city of Karachi during the 1971 war. It saw the first use of anti-ship missiles in combat in the region. The operation was conducted the night of 4–5 December. Heavy casualties were inflicted on Pakistan. While, there were no casualties on the Indian side.

Operation Python: It is the follow-up to Operation Trident. It was launched on the intervening night of December 8 and 9. A strike group consisting of one missile boat and two frigates attacked the group of ships off the coast of Karachi. Pakistan lost one fleet tanker and two ships. Pakistan’s Kemari Oil Storage facility was also lost. In this operation also, India did not suffer any casualty.

Operation Talwar: The Indian Navy launched Operation Talwar during the Kargil war. The Navy blocked the Karachi port to cut off supply routes under this operation.  The western and eastern fleet of the Indian Navy also threatened to cut Pakistan's sea trade.

Operation Cactus: on November 3, 1988, the Indian Navy launched Operation Cactus after a Maldivian group led by Abdullah Luthufi attempted to overthrow the government in Maldives. The Indian paratroopers rescued the President and soon returned control of the capital to the Maldivian government.

Operation Raahat: The operation was conducted by Indian Armed Forces in 2015 for the evacuation of people from war-hit Yemen. The Indian Navy as a part of the operation redeployed the patrol vessel INS Sumitra (P59) from anti-piracy operations off the coast of Lakshadweep to the Yemeni port of Aden. In addition, it dispatched the destroyer INS Mumbai (D62) and frigate INS Tarkash (F50) from Mumbai to provide protection and support to Indian ships and aircraft in the conflict zone.

Apart from above military operations, the Indian Navy also carried out various relief operation as the time when natural disaster struck the country. The Navy launched the Operation Madad in August last year to evacuate people from flood-ravaged areas of Kerala. According to reports, the force had saved nearly 17,000 people.