Indian Navy Day 2019: Naval Heroes Who Showed Courage In The Face of Adversity
Indian Navy Day 2019 (Photo Credits: Facebook)

The Navy Day is celebrated every year on December 4 to commemorate the bravery and role of the Indian naval force in defending the maritime borders of the country. December 4 is chosen as the Navy Day, as on that day in 1971, as part of Operation Trident, the Indian Navy sank four Pakistani vessels including PNS Khaibar. Pakistan lost hundreds of soldiers in the attack. Indian Navy Drives Away Suspicious Chinese Vessel From Indian Waters Near Port Blair.

The Operation Trident was launched the Indian Navy on Pakistan's port city of Karachi during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971. During this war, for the first time, anti-ship missiles were used in the region. The operation was conducted on the night of 4–5 December and inflicted heavy damage on Pakistani vessels and facilities. Pakistan lost a minesweeper, a destroyer, a cargo vessel carrying ammunition, and fuel storage tanks in Karachi. However, India suffered no losses. BrahMos Supersonic Cruise Missile Successfully Test-Fired by Indian Navy in Arabian Sea.

Here is List Of Indian Navy Personnel Who Won Gallantry:

Then Fleet Operations Officer, Captain (later Vice Admiral) Gulab Mohanlal Hiranandani: He was a senior Indian Navy officer who served as the Vice Chief of the Naval Staff from 1987 to 1989. During the Indo-Pakistan War of 1971, Hiranandani served as the Fleet Operations Officer of the Indian Navy. In this role, he led the detailed planning and logistics for key naval operations. He was awarded the Nausena Medal for his role in planning and implementing of Operation Trident and Operation Python.

Commodore Babru Bhan Yadav: He received the Maha Vir Chakra award for his exceptional leadership and military skills which led to the destruction of Pakistan's most powerful naval regiment at the Karachi Naval base in the 1971 war. The Karachi Strike Group formed for Operation Trident and Operation Python was under his command. The strike group is also known as the Killer Squadron as India gained Naval supremacy over Pakistan in 1971 war

Captain Mahendra Nath Mulla: During the 1971 Indo-Pakistani War, Mulla was commanding a task force of two ships which formed part of the Western Fleet. The task force was assigned the task of hunting and destroying enemy submarines in the North Arabian Sea. At 20:50 hours on December 9, 1971, his vessel, INS Khukri, was hit by a torpedo fired by an enemy submarine, PNS Hangor, about 64 kilometres (40 mi) off Diu. Mulla issued orders for the ship to be abandoned because it was sinking. He was awarded the second-highest gallantry award – Mahavir Chakra for sacrificing his life on the line of duty.

Vice Admiral Krishnan: He was the Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief of the Eastern Naval Command during the 1971 Indo-Pakistani War. He is credited with using a very innovative strategy, while commanding the Eastern Navy which had the aircraft carrier INS Vikrant, in the Bay of Bengal. He is believed to have tricked the Pakistani submarine PNS Ghazi,

Cdr Milind Mohan Mokashi: Cdr Milind Mohan Mokashi is the Commissioning Commanding Officer of INS Sumitra (ship commissioned on September 4, 2014). Whilst undertaking anti-piracy operations, the ship was diverted for Op Rahat involving evacuation of Indian and foreign nationals from worn-torn Yemen from March 31 – April 16 15. The valour displayed by CDR Milind Mohan Mokashi, is considered in keeping with the highest traditions of the Navy, and accordingly, he is strongly recommended for the award of Shaurya Chakra.

Days prior to the Navy Day, various events such as swimming competition, opening warships for civilians were organised by force. The day is celebrated with a particular theme. This year’s theme is “Indian Navy - Silent, Strong and Swift”. In 2018, "Indian Navy, Mission-deployed and Combat-ready" was the theme of the Navy Day.