Income Tax Department of India Issues Notices to 9000 People in Noida
Tax (Photo Credit: ANI)

Noida, September 11: The Income Tax Department of India on Tuesday has sent notices to over 9000 people in Noida, Uttar Pradesh who had registered properties worth Rs 30 lakhs and above in the financial year 2010-2011 and failed to submit details before the Income Tax department.

The 9000 people have been asked to provide details of their tax return. Chief Commissioner of I-T Department, Ghaziabad region, Rajnikant Gupta told to ANI that notices have been sent to all property buyers to seek their clarification on tax. 5 easy steps to submit your ITR.

"We are checking whether the buyer has bought a property in Noida and has filed a return at some other place. If the buyer has filed it, then, it's fine. But if not, then we will issue a notice, to which the buyer has to provide clarification," Gupta said. The Chief Commissioner further said, "Based on the property transaction in 2010-2011, notices were issued to these nine thousand people last year."

He also informed that the I-T officials are approaching the Resident Welfare Associations (RWA) to sensitise people to pay their tax returns.

He also added that Income Tax officials are addressing the Resident Welfare Associations (RWA) to aware people about paying their tax returns.

"This year, 17, 000 new taxpayers have come up in Noida. The target is to get new 58, 000 taxpayers by the end of this year. To complete the target, we have marked three fields- salary employees, flat owners, and traders. We have constituted three committees. Our officials are meeting trade association and Residents welfare associations. We are trying to sensitise people so that they file their tax returns. We have talked to 10 Resident Welfare Associations (RWA) on it," Gupta stated.

It is believed that Government of India is linking demonetisation with property buying as people who purchased land during the demonetised period were under the income-tax radar. This drive is a part of the Income Tax Department's investigation of black money in the real estate market.

(With inputs from ANI)