Ananth Kumar Hegde at it Again: 'Not Here to Do Social Service But to Do Politics'
File image of Union MoS Anant Kumar Hegde | (Photo credits: IANS)

Bengaluru, October 11: Issuing yet another controversial statement, Union Minister of State for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Ananth Kumar Hegde said politicians are voted to do politics and not social service. The contentious remarks were made by the BJP lawmaker while addressing a gathering in Karwar district of Karnataka.

"You've voted for our party and the party of your choice will form the government, and that's your right. It's through politics that I've become an MP. We're not here to do social service but to do politics, so we do that. Journalists can interpret it however they want," Hegde was quoted as saying by news agency ANIDalits Protest Ananth Hegde's 'Change Constitution' Remark.

The Janata Dal (Secular) condemned the remarks of Hegde, calling it the "height of arrogance" exhibited by the Centre-ruling BJP. JD(S) spokesperson Arivalagan said his statements reflect the "true mindset of BJP and the RSS", adding that the two organisation are involved in "playing communal politics" throughout coastal Karnataka.

Arivalagan further said that the politicians, similar to the bureaucrats, are government servants. "We are here to serve the people, do social service and not play petty politics like what the RSS and BJP has been doing," he added.

Notably, Hegde has issued such contentious statements earlier as well. While addressing party workers last year, the Minister had claimed that "we are here to change the Constitution". The remarks landed the BJP in soup, which was forced to issue a clarification.