Independence Day 2019: Mohan Bhagwat Lauds Article 370 Revocation, Says Kashmir Now as Much Free as Maharashtra
RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat hoisting national flag on Independence Day. (Photo Credit: IANS)

New Delhi, August 15: With India celebrating 73rd Independence Day, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat on Thursday said that Narendra Modi government's decision to modify Article 370 to revoke the special status provided to Jammu & Kashmir gave every Indian the opportunity to enjoy 'complete freedom'.

Expressing his opinion on the Article 370 revocation, Bhagawat said at a flag-hoisting event organised by the Hedgewar Memorial Committee in Smriti Mandir in Nagpur, as quoted by India Express, "We all desired that the way we experience the full extent of our freedom in Maharashtra, be similarly possible in every state, that the way we enjoy the fruit of our independence, be possible in that state (Jammu and Kashmir) as well. And that there too citizens get the opportunity to live like we do, daring to protect our freedom." PM Narendra Modi Flays Congress Over Article 370 in Independence Day Speech, Asks 'Why Didn't You Make It Permanent If It Was So Important?'

Stating that India can achieve the impossible, the RSS chief said, "Today too, on this 73rd birthday, along with the joy of our Independence Day, we have in our minds a faith that if we commit ourselves to something, then we can make impossible into possible." He even added that 'Modi hai to mumkin hai' is not misplaced, and that his determination has seen the decision through.

Applauding PM Narendra Modi, Bhagwat said, as quoted by the daily, "Today we can say that not only can we run our country but we have the ability to take it to new heights and we have specific evidence this time. We know it every Independence Day, but today we are sensing it in a special way."