Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Campaign of United Colours of SP-BSP Alliance in Uttar Pradesh to Be Rolled Out After Holi
Campaign of United Colours of SP-BSP Alliance in Uttar Pradesh. (File Photo)

Lucknow, March 16: The united colours of the SP-BSP alliance in Uttar Pradesh will be ready for rollout as soon as Holi gets over, say party leaders who are busy finalising strategy to send out a message of togetherness ahead of the elections beginning next month.

The parties, which have cobbled together an alliance to counter the BJP in the politically crucial state, are aware that they have been viewed as poles apart and that they have to work at better management and posturing to emerge victorious in the Lok Sabha elections. Lok Sabha Elections 2019: BJP's First List of Candidates May Have 100 Names, PM Narendra Modi Likely to Re-Contest From Varanasi.

Flags with the colours of the Samajwadi Party and the Bahujan Samaj Party are ready and regular meetings are being held to fine-tune logistics of rallies, joint appearances and booth management.

"On Wednesday, SP chief Akhilesh Yadav held a meeting with BSP president Mayawati in connection with the joint meetings and rallies that are being planned for the coming Lok Sabha polls," Samajwadi Party spokesperson Rajendra Chaudhary told PTI.

Meetings are being held constantly as elections are less than a month away and the campaign will be launched in full after the festival of Holi next week, he said.

“We know how we have to conduct ourselves under a coalition... the BSP vote will be transferred to the SP on the seats given to them," a BSP leader told PTI.

Hoping that the coordination will work like a well-oiled machine, another party spokesperson Sunil Singh Sajan said the coalition has started booth management.

On seats where one party has fielded its candidate, the other will look after the election management, he explained.

"On a Lok Sabha seat where the SP has fielded its candidate, the election management at the assembly segment level will be in the hands of local BSP leaders and vice versa," Sajan said.

"This will give out the clear message to the workers of both the parties that the coalition is united like a rock," he added.

BSP president Mayawati is also impressing upon workers the necessity for unity among workers from both parties.

"Forget past differences and ensure victory of all joint candidates of the SP and the BSP. This will be my ideal birthday gift," she said at a press conference to mark her birthday in January.

The parties have also launched joint flags with the pictures and elections symbols of both. The flags, which are in big demand for using on vehicles, are in the colours of the BSP and the SP.

Half of it is blue - the colour of the BSP - with Mayawati's photograph and the party's elephant symbol. The other half is red with a picture of Akhilesh Yadav and the 'bicycle' symbol of the SP.

"A tone of unity will be set once the joint rallies get underway after Holi. Efforts are that maximum constituencies are covered by the two leaders jointly," Sajan said.

Workers at the district level have also been directed to share their programmes for better coordination and result. A BSP leader said Mayawati's message is being spread up to the booth level and there is no scope of party workers to ignore it in any way as theirs is a cadre-based and disciplined party.