Human relations is a hot topic these days. We invited Dr. Vipin Gupta, known for investigating the vastly integrated processes inside nature, through a 12-book project, VIPIN.   Having published seven books so far this year, he is currently working on the eighth book, What is Human Factor.  Here he illuminates what his research shows about the nature of human relations.    His work integrates disparate disciplines and offers a pragmatic solution for constructively managing human relations.

Human Relation is our alignment with the universe.    It is the guiding principle of our life, wishing to know who I am.  We seek appropriate time for the alignment to manifest the infinite networking system that makes our “I” self-luminous.

Our “I” is a system of infinite networks.  As a super-guru, we make our social network infinite by motivating everyone to reproduce our social network.   When everyone becomes our followers, we become the ideal self.   When everyone starts reproducing our ideal self, we become the guru servicing that reproductive power.  When everyone stakes a claim on our reproductive power as their reproductive power, we make them a stakeholder in our “I” so that they may reproduce a part of that “I” within themselves.

You may ask how one may reproduce a part of our “I”?   The part of I that our stakeholders reproduce is their “consciousness” of our I.  The consciousness is our I’s past dimension; our stakeholders know our past. However, they do not know our complete past.  They do not know even our absolute past, i.e., the past that is present within our consciousness.   They only know the past that became self-luminous to them from their correlation with our I.   They have four forms of correlation with us.   First, a belief-guided correlation that led them to become our stakeholder, believing in us as a worthwhile investment of their time.  Second, a behavior-guided correlation by following others who believe in us so that they may not lose a worthwhile opportunity for trading the waste of their time.  Third, a breed-guided correlation for making others follow us by leading them to us as an entrepreneur so that the others may not exchange a worthwhile opportunity they are aware of using the time they have at their disposal.  Fourth, a breath-guided correlation of responsibly managing the correlation we have with ourselves to service our animate self as a worthwhile opportunity to attract everyone’s capability.

Our believing, behaving, breeding, and breathing form the four dimensions of our consciousness.  Believing generates a personal force of one’s belief.  Behaving generates a social force of everyone’s belief. Breeding generates an institutional force of none’s belief but everyone’s behavior.  Breathing generates a religious force that shapes the belief one has but not the behavior anyone has.    The consciousness has an energy value of four units.   Since consciousness is the past dimension of I, I have an energy value of twelve units.   The twelve includes all the three-time dimensions of I.   The consciousness is a dimension beyond I’s self-awareness because it is the I’s self-reproducing infinite networking system.  It is I’s personal force within everyone’s consciousness.   Without diffusing that personal force, everyone is a sixteen-unit “primordial greeter” who greets everyone present with one’s personal force for guiding their future as their ideal self.

We wish to guide everyone’s future because everyone comprises the universe that forms our consciousness.  Therefore, we have a stake in everyone.   The universe includes everyone within the person we are before breeding them with our breathing.   Since the person is a unit, the universe is two units.   Since the consciousness is four units, the ideal self is ten units. Therefore, since we become a guru by reproducing our ideal self, the guru is a hundred units, and so is the reproductive power and guider power.   When our stakeholder followers reproduce our guider power, even the non-stakeholders gravitate towards us if they are within the gravitational field formed by our followers.  Therefore, our guider power is the gravitational energy we service in the form of the gravitational force due to our stakeholder followers.

Our infinite networking system threatens the non-stakeholder aliens.  Therefore, they seek to repel our I, making our consciousness a taboo to be cleansed out of their system.  They make their personal taboo a social taboo.  When both individual persons and social groups conceive our consciousness as polluted, it becomes an institutional taboo.    Taboo is also one’s alignment with another.   It is quantum superpositioning of the repulsion force over the attraction force one generates towards another who is the self-same essence.    Another responds to the institutional taboo with prejudice for one’s cleansed consciousness.  Prejudice is another’s alignment with the one for whom the cleansed consciousness is a taboo to be cleansed further.  Prejudice is the positioning of the attraction force within the repulsion force another generates towards the one not conscious of the self-same essence.  Prejudice lets another take advantage of the one not conscious by converting the one into a devotee follower.   Another behaves like a devoted leader to create a power distance from the devotee follower.   Thus, another, the confident stakeholder citizen, creates a power distance from the one threatened non-stakeholder alien.

Any organization enjoys an opportunity to arbitrage the confidence consciousness through discrimination in favor of the stakeholder citizens.    Discrimination lets an organization gain momentum over the stakeholder citizens by becoming a savior of the threatened non-stakeholder aliens.  Discrimination is the super momentum of the gravitational force that reproduces the repulsion towards one attracted and the attraction for another repelling the deciding organization.   Discrimination is the organization’s alignment with both one acting as an alien left in limbo without rights and another acting as a citizen with rights.

The citizen with rights behaves like an omnipotent masculine, guided by the consciousness of another’s supremacy worth reproduction.   The alien left without rights behaves like an omniscient feminine, conscious of everyone’s oneness within another’s diversity worth enjoyment without reproduction.

One’s reasoning faculty limits the energy value of the diverse forms of the alignment as a function of one’s intellectual power as another seeking self-awareness.  The starting point of one’s intellectual power is the 12-unit I, without the 3-unit variation in time over the past, the present, and the future.  The nine units form the culture element that another reproduces within the 3-units of time it enjoys, without one’s I, for realizing the 6-unit growth.   The 6-unit growth is the visible half of “I” as a self-luminous entity radiating its conscious light force to contaminate the organization’s consciousness.   It mediates the person anyone becomes through acculturation with the organization’s consciousness.  Therefore, the energy value of the intellectual power, reasoning faculty, alignment, taboo, prejudice, and discrimination is 961.

The energy value of the organization comprises one as the 12-unit feminine I, another as the 12-unit masculine I, 4-unit polluted consciousness that another is diverse from one, and the 1-unit person that the organization is.    It is 29 units.

The energy value of our conscious energy is the ten-unit ideal self, conscious of everything, times the hundred-unit infinite self, reproducing the confidence consciousness of the ideal self as a guru.   It is 1000 units.  It is the sum of our energy as an organization and our reasoning faculty for organizing our essence with our creative force.

The energy value of the omnipotent masculine is the 100-unit confidence consciousness one has times the 16-unit essence that endows one with a consciousness of confidence.  It is 1600 units.  The present comprises the citizens with rights, behaving like the omnipotent masculine for consuming the gifts Mother Nature produces.  Therefore, the present, and its present, i.e., absolute consciousness (Paramatma), also has an energy value of 1600 units.

The energy value of the omniscient feminine is 91, a person self-luminous through the culture element of Mother Nature, without the supernatural person-mediated growth.

As managers of the organizations, we can decide to let the present and the present consciousness limit our future by reproducing our polluted consciousness inherited from the past.   Or, we can decide to shape the present and the present consciousness by making a sensible cultural element everyone’s goal.   Are you prepared to take on the organizations that will compensate you handsomely for perpetuating the organizational culture?  Are you prepared to fight the trend towards rapid concentration of power and wealth?  Do you have a clarified consciousness of reality now that you are self-aware of the value of the energies around you and within you?  How do you plan to take this reality forward in your life?

Dr. Vipin Gupta ( is the professor of management at the California State University San Bernardino.  He has received a Ph.D. from the Wharton School and a gold-medalist at the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad.  He has published more than 180 international academic articles and 25 books.   These insights are developed in this year’s 12-book Project VIPIN, Vastly Integrated Processes Inside Nature.   The first seven books, what is divine energy, what is present reality, is present reality, is divine energy, what is consciousness, what is para consciousness, and what is self-awareness, are available through Amazon and other channels in paperback, hardcover, ebook, and audible forms.