July-borns rejoice! Cancerians and Leos, it's your time to shine! July is here, and while you order your custom-made birthday cake and prepare for lockdown birthday #2 (mask up people, the virus is still here) we have curated an article especially for all our July babies! We are going to discuss your personality traits, your zodiac signs and what you should expect on your birthday month.

Not a believer in the art of reading the stars? Well, we'll see if you hold on to that sentiment after reading all about your zodiac sign. Keep reading to know more!

Personality? Check!

Charming, optimistic and curious, people born in July share many key personality traits. For example, if you are born in July, you probably are a hard worker. You like putting in 100% concentration in everything you do and are a salt-of-the-earth kind of person. You make sure that all your work is well organised and precisely done. You are not afraid of challenges and make sure you stick to your deadlines. This makes you a positive role model for many people, and you take this role seriously.

Curious little birdy, aren't you? Yes, this is also a key personality trait! You are so eager to learn about anything and everything that people who don't know you may find it irritating! But that's okay, you know what they say about haters! And besides, you do have a funny bone to neutralise all that burning curiosity. Your witty retorts and funny anecdotes make you a great addition to any social group!

You hide it pretty well but you are pretty sensitive, and that's an admirable quality to have! You can't help empathising when you sense sadness and you are also a very forgiving person. You are family-oriented and can't help craving a family of your own someday. You are very protective of those dear to you and you will always try to keep a smile on their faces because it means the world to you. Cute, no?

Zodiac Signs 101


Born between the 1st and 22nd of July? Well hello you beautiful Cancerian! 2020 was a difficult year for you, and since you're a water sign, we are sure you had quite the emotional rollercoaster. So go ahead and buy a little something for yourself this birthday! You deserve to be loved and acknowledged and this is the year you will finally accept it! Cancer Zodiac Sign Love Compatibility: Who Are Cancers Most Compatible With Romantically?

You will also be taking a good strong look at your relationships this year. Friendships, relationships, your family- take a hard look and choose yourself! You need to start investing in some good energy! Romance is looking up for you this year but you'll be undergoing some personal growth first. Get in touch with yourself and your personal goals. A breakup is on the horizon. Could be a toxic friendship or finally letting go of your ex. Pay no mind, you will get through this!

A booming romance may come your way, and you need to welcome it with open arms. Forget that ex, don't you dare let them ruin you again! Set boundaries, do some inner healing and you are all set.


Born between the 22nd and 31st of July? Hello, my precious Leo! 2020 bought you a ton of difficulties but things are looking up for you this year! 2021 brings in a lot of positive energy career-wise. So we can safely bet that you could possibly find an opening for the career path of your dreams this year! But uncertainty from 2020 persists, so don't be afraid to take the comfortable option and sit back. You deserve it after the year you've had (phew!)

Make 2021 a year of patience. That means say 'no' to that ex you've been itching to call. Romance is looking up for you, and you need to be patient to find it! As your birthday approaches, take a good hard look at the people around you and take note of the energy they bring you. Let go of the toxic and embrace the good! Potential good news approaches on the sex life front!

Remember, patience is the key to make this year work for you. Embrace all opportunities the stars bring you with open arms and be patient with your love life. It will be worth it, we promise!

So that's it July-borns, we have cracked the code for the matrix for your birthday month. Overall, you're all set for a great birthday season. Happy upcoming birthday!

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