Hello dear Cancerian! July is here and you must be excited since we have entered the month that forms the very essence of your Zodiac sign! With the crab as your sign's beacon, you are known to exist somewhere in between your emotional and physical realities. This makes you sensitive, empathetic and highly in tune with your emotions. All great qualities to have, especially when you begin to wonder what sign is the most compatible with you! It is natural for an astrology believer to find a partner in a sign that compliments their own. And lucky for you Cancerian, today we are going to give you the scoop on your compatibility!

What better way to go about this than to check your romantic compatibility with every other sign? That way, you get to make an informed decision no matter what sign you are interested in. Keep reading for more! From Aries to Pisces What Must Each Zodiac Signs Do To Manifest Good Luck.

1. Cancer and Aries

Let me give it to you straight- this isn't a great match. Aries and Cancer are both impulsive signs, and lack of middle ground makes communication difficult. There is some hope when it comes to attraction, but can it even last with the rigid boundaries and lack of shared values in both signs?

2. Cancer and Taurus

If you found yourself a Taurus, get those wedding bells ringing. Cancer and Taurus make for one of the best zodiac pairings and rightly so! You both will build a relationship on trust, intimacy and your shared values, and this will reflect in a very satisfying emotional and physical bond.

3. Cancer and Gemini

When two signs are right next to each other, they make for far better friends than they would lovers. It's not completely doomed, however- lots and lots of communication from both parties could be key. However Geminis are adventurous while Cancerians are homebodies- there really isn't much hope here.

4. Cancer and Cancer

Generally speaking, specific signs always pairs well with the same sign. Cancerians are known to be deeply emotional and they deeply value family and home. This makes them very attuned to each other's needs and helps them build a relationship that is full of love, loyalty and trust.

5. Cancer and Leo

Cancer and Leo both have strong individual personalities, but their pairing can be quite problematic. Leos are optimistic, open and quite the sunshine sign. Whereas Cancerians are emotional, empathetic and prefer to keep their love life private. This makes their intimacy difficult and causes problems in their union.

6. Cancer and Virgo

Emotional Cancer and rational Virgo make for a passionate love life that can bring a great romantic love story to life. The Crab appreciates the Maiden's intellect and gives as good as it gets by helping the Maiden to get in touch with their emotions. A happy pairing!

7. Cancer and Libra

I think we've established that air signs just don't do well with Cancerians. Like its fellow air signs, Libra is highly intellectual and this can create conflict with the deeply emotional Cancerian. However, enough understanding can salvage this bond.

8. Cancer and Scorpio

Both water signs, Cancer and Scorpio are signs that will find a deep connection based on their emotional flexibility. They both value trust, loyalty and intimacy, and they can communicate their needs very well due to immense mutual respect. This makes for a great pairing.

9. Cancer and Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a free-spirited and fiery sign, and this can create conflict with the sensitive and emotional Cancerians. The attraction between the two is unlikely, and they move on different axes making it frustrating for both to find common ground. Problematic and just not great overall.

10. Cancer and Capricorn

Cancer and Capricorn are the true underdogs- they make for a great pairing! Capricorns have trust issues but they find it more than comfortable to share it with their deeply empathetic Cancerian partner. Their ease with each other also makes for an incredibly satisfying intimate relationship.

11. Cancer and Aquarius

Aquarius is aloof and rational and this can be extremely irritating to the emotionally attuned Crab. Even a friendship between the signs seems lucky but a relationship is far-fetched. Their lack of trust, communication and rocky intimacy makes this relationship a doomed uncertainty.

12. Cancer and Pisces

The Pisces' Fish and the Cancerian's Crab find a loving connection in their emotional landscape made possible by their water sign jinx. Pisces are creative and emotional and they complement their Cancer counterparts well. These signs are capable of building a deep, wholesome relationship.

Well there you go Cancerians- a list curated just for you! Whether it's an existing relationship or a potential romance, we are sure you won't go wrong with this guide. Now let cupid guide you!

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