Demi Lovato Gets Baptised in Israel’s Jordan River: 'I’ve Never Felt More Renewed in My Life'
Demi Lovato baptised in Jordan River (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Demi Lovato’s trip to Israel turned quite memorable. On October 3, the singer posted a series of images on her Instagram, letting her followers know she got baptised in the Jordan River of Israel. The event meant a lot to her as she shared the experience of getting baptised in the same place as Jesus. The American singer was raised a Christian and has Jewish ancestors and she says this “renewed her soul”. The Disney actor and singer says the trip made her feel a connection with God that she’s never felt before. Gigi and Tyler 2.0? Demi Lovato Has a ‘Nice Little Booty’ Says the Bachelorette’s Mike Johnson.

Demi Lovato went to Israel recently and shared some positivity with her followers with four pictures on the trip and a lengthy caption. Her caption clearly shows how happy she was to be baptised in the same place as Jesus. The trip meant a lot to her and she also added a few more images from the trip to take her followers along. Demi Lovato Appreciated for Her Raw Beauty As She Shares an Unedited Bikini Photo.

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I am an American singer. I was raised Christian and have Jewish ancestors. When I was offered an amazing opportunity to visit the places I’d read about in the Bible growing up, I said yes. There is something absolutely magical about Israel. I’ve never felt such a sense of spirituality or connection to God…something I’ve been missing for a few years now. Spirituality is so important to me…to be baptized in the Jordan river – the same place Jesus was baptized – I’ve never felt more renewed in my life. This trip has been so important for my well-being, my heart, and my soul. I’m grateful for the memories made and the opportunity to be able to fill the God-sized hole in my heart. Thank you for having me, Israel 💗

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The picture has over three million likes but Demi has turned off the comments on this. She has been known for getting into trouble with the internet over tiny things so it may have been the wise choice to keep the commenting option switched off and keep the negativity away.