While watching Wonder Woman 1984, I couldn't help but notice the 80s fashion showcased in perfection, wondering what would it look like if we brought it back?! Turns out, 2021 is basically going to be the 80s in terms of fashion EXCEPT with a little bit of a twist. The 80s was known for its bold style with a boom that saw daring sartorial choices in society. A burst of colours, advent of workout fashion and crisp silhouettes were given prominence. Style icons like Madonna and Cyndi Lauper showed the world what sexy looked like back then. Ripped tights, biker jackets, metallic everything or broad shoulders everywhere... with 2021 knocking our doors, what sort of 80s fashion are we REALLY talking about? Let's discuss!


You'll be bedazzled with metallics in the coming year. Right from tops to dress, get ready to shine bright like a diamond, except this end of fashion will be balanced with comforting soft knits on the other end.

Bright Colours

The 80s were all about bright pinks, yellows, greens and powder blues, when it came to colours. You'll see neons everywhere, and they will be brighter than ever, however, with a hint of pastels mellowing it down.

Workout Fashion

The 80s fashion is remembered by its workout fashion. Headbands, high-rise bodysuits, bright but opaque stockings with chunky shoes... painting a LOUD picture, are we? Well, workout fashion is going be big this year and you may see a lot of zip-up hoodies as well!

Cut-Out Details

Cut-outs as a fashion trend has been hanging around for a while now, BUT 2021 has to offer more creative cut-out creations! Wondering what's in store for us?! Dresses and tops with cuts around the neckline, abs or even bottoms with cuts around the waist area giving more of a G-String vibe... wait, didn't Kim K recently gave us a sneak peek of what THAT looks like? Kim K Brings Back the 'EXPOSED Thongs' Trend with the Recent Pic in a Daringly Low-Cut Black Dress! HOT or NOT? Fans Confused. 

Broad Shoulder Blazers

Well, you cannot finish talking about the 80s without talking about broad shoulders we saw everywhere. Now, we do not know if shoulder pads are going to be back, you'll surely see some broad-shouldered, oversized blazers!


Sheer or opaque, stocking under skirts and dresses are back! You'll totally love these with micro minis!

Colourful BUT Casual

Whether it is knit tops or furry cotton, you'll see a lot of colours while contrast gets to rest this year. In simple words, somewhere around joggers and zip-up jackets combination in the same colours or multi-colour crop tops with polo neck zip-up colours. Prepare yourselves.

Bubblegum Pink EVERYTHING

Bubblegum pink colour ruled the 80s and it may make a comeback! So right from your sweats to glitzy gowns, this bright shade may takeover 2021.

Dainty Tie-Ups

You might see more of tie-up detail this year. In terms of tops or bottoms, cute clothing with 'strings attached' to give your style an edge.

Pleated Micro Minis

Yes, you are going to see the hemlines bid goodbye to the knees this year as pleated micro-minis may take over.

Knit Polos

You may hate it but knits are back and HOW! In a number of bright beautiful colours, you'll see knit polos and crop tops.

Baggy Jeans

Denims are forever, and hence in the coming year, you will see jeans bigger than people! LOL. But yea, say goodbye to your narrow denim pants and make way for the baggy ones!

Although, the 80s fashion will be predominant, you'll also see 'sheer' a lot. Different collar styles, blouses with loose necklines, midis, silk, single off-shoulder, etc. may also be seen!


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