Lauren Conrad Shares Signature Winged Eyeliner Method on Facebook with Steps for Fans
Lauren Conrad (Photo Credit: Facebook/Laurenconrad

Lauren Conrad has been in the spotlight since 2004, ever since she was just 18 and rose to fame when she was cast for the famous show, Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County. She’s always been known for her elegant style and sense of fashion. Lauren recently took to her facebook, to help her fans with her iconic and staple, winged eyeliner. She added a picture of her with the classic winger eyeliner as she took her fans through it, step by step.

On June 15, Lauren posted her “trick” to the perfect wing, with a step-by-step instructional tutorial on her facebook, helping her fans struggling with winged eyeliners. She gave instructions in three steps and made it look very simple. Unlike many other tutorials, Lauren prefers starting her wing from the inner corner rather than the flick first.

Her Facebook Post on Winged Eyeliner

Step 1: Start by placing the tip of your eyeliner at the inner corner of your eye, along the lash line. Slowly swipe the liner to the outer corner of your eye. The more firmly you press down with your liner, the darker your wing will be. If you prefer a thicker wing, retrace your steps a couple of times.

After the line along the lashline, she adds the flick, her iconic flick, angling towards the end of her brow. She likes to keep her wing small. Noticeable yet not dramatic. This Woman Had Her Eyeliner Game on Point Even After an Accident and Her Review is Going Viral

Step 2: To wing the liner out, angle your line towards the end of your eyebrow. I tend to stop my wing where my crease ends. Keep in mind that all eye shapes are different! You might have to gently tug the skin at your outer corner to draw a straight line. I’m a fan of a simpler winged liner look, but you can draw your liner out as much as you prefer. Virgin Brows, Glittery Lids and Winged Eyeliner: 7 Beauty Trends to Rule in 2019

She fills in the outline after she’s done the tracing. Lauren adds a tip for the beginners to use cotton swabs or earbuds for any mess-ups.

Step 3: Fill in your wing, thickening the curve as you go. Chances are you might mess up a time or two, so grab a cotton swab and start the wing over if you need to.

She makes sure to tell her viewers that this will take practice. She also mentions pencil liner is just as great and there’s no compulsion to use just liquid. However, Lauren prefers liquid liner for her own wing.