Cinco de Mayo 2021:  The event of Cinco de Mayo is one of the most important historic events for the people of Mexico. Also popularly known as ‘Fifth of May’ in Spanish, Cinco de Mayo is a yearly festival for the Mexican community. It is a historic occasion that commemorates the victory of the Mexican Army over the French Army in 1862, during the Franco-Mexican War. There are grandeur celebrations throughout the country and even across borders such as the USA, Vancouver, London, etc. Cinco de Mayo is annually observed on May 5. There’s a lot to dig about the event – its date, history, and significance. 

Cinco de Mayo 2021 Date

Every year the Cinco de Mayo anniversary celebrations take place on May 5. This year, the anniversary of Cinco de Mayo will happen on May 5, i.e., Wednesday. It will be the 159th anniversary of Cinco de Mayo this calendar year.

Cinco de Mayo History

The first observance of Cinco de Mayo took place after the Mexican Army won against the French Empire on May 2, 1862. The Mexicans, under the leadership of General Ignacio Zaragoza, had beaten the French Army and eventually won the first Battle of Puebla.

Cinco de Mayo Significance

Cinco de Mayo, also popularly known as Battle of Puebla Day, is one of the most celebrated festivals in Mexico and the US. Despite the day being more relevant to Mexico, the celebrations are grander in the US. It is said that the sale of beer on this day is equal to the amount of beer sold on the day of the Super Bowl. 

The Cinco de Mayo is celebrated exuberantly as on this day in history a small Mexican army took on a large French army and defeated it. The observance of Cinco de Mayo became more prominent in the 1960s, and since then they are being observed grandly.

A lot of people confuse the Cinco de Mayo celebrations with Mexican Independence Day. For people who are not aware, Mexican Independence Day is celebrated on September 16.

The observance of Cinco de Mayo has a significant cultural impact as it celebrates the rich Mexican history, culture, and heritage. There are grand parties, feasts, parades, mariachi music, dancing, and an array of Mexican food which mark the celebrations of the day. 

We wish all the Mexicans a very Happy Cinco de Mayo 2021. However, with Covid-19 measures in place, the celebrations of the event will be largely muted. Nonetheless, given its cultural and political importance, the event of Cinco de Mayo would be celebrated in letter and spirit this year!

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