The festival of Makar Sankranti will be celebrated on January 15, 2019. This day marks the entry of the sun into the Makara or Capricorn constellation. It is an auspicious day which marks the beginning of a good phase in Hindu culture, along with the end of the month of Winter Solstice. Makar Sankranti is a harvest festival which is known by different names in different states and the traditions associated with it also differ. Several Hindu married women keep a Haldi Kumkum ceremony which is a social gathering among friends and relatives. Married women apply haldi (turmeric) and kumkum (vermillion) to each other and pray for prosperity of their husbands. During this ceremony, a small token or gift called the vaan is offered to the guests as appreciation. It is presented with betel nut leaf, tilgul and a flower. If you are looking for what gifts you could offer for Haldi Kumkum, let us give you a list of things you could choose from. Haldi Kumkum in Makar Sankranti 2019: Know The History and Significance of This Social Gathering of Women.

Traditionally, the ceremony of Haldi Kumkum was supposed to be a chance for women to get out of their houses and bond with their neighbours, friends or relatives. Although the practice continued, over the years, it has become more like a social gathering for married women. It is also a chance for women to drape their best sarees, wear jewelry and have merriment along with their friends. Giving gifts is also an anticipated part of this ceremony, for women who enthusiastically organise and attend it. Makar Sankranti 2019: Significance, Celebrations and Customs Attached to the Auspicious Hindu Festival.

Gift Ideas for Haldi Kumkum in Makar Sankranti 2019

  1. Haldi Kumkum holder: It is one of the most commonly given gift items which also marks the ceremony and is a useful gift. Each house will have a haldi kumkum holder, but today with so many varieties and decorative holders available, it will make a good gift item. You can choose from a simple, plated one to beaded or fancier shapes and designs.
  2. Coin pouch or purse: Most ladies have a dedicated space in their handbags or purses for keeping coins. So how about gifting a small coin purse? It can get difficult to find coins in the big bags, but a small pouch or a purse dedicated to just keeping coins is good gift idea.
  3. Scented candles: Scented candles add a pleasant atmosphere to any household. There are many candles available in variety of shapes and sizes. These will make for a unique gift and also spread a good  vibe along with.
  4. Containers: Ladies will know the need for containers that is perpetually felt in the kitchen. Any amount of containers that you already own, there will always be a place for new one and it won't remain empty. A container with smaller compartments within or just a big plastic container will also be a useful gift.
  5. Recipe book: This will be yet another unique gift which you can present to your friends or relatives. Since it is always a pleasure to cook up and try new dishes, a recipe book can be a good gift. Plus, you can always discuss how the dish turned out to be.

These are some of the gifts you could give for Haldi Kumkum ceremony. Along with the gifts, tilgul and light snacks are offered. Some women also organise small games to have fun and merriment for a little while. The Haldi Kumkum ceremony starts from Makar Sankranti and goes on till February.

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