Kans Vadh day refers to the day when Lord Krishna killed the demon King Kansa. The festival is observed during Kartik month on Shukla Dashami in the Hindu lunar calendar and usually falls after ten days of Deepavali Lakshmi Puja. This year, Kans Vadh Day 2023 will be celebrated on Wednesday, November 22, 2023. Hence, for the Chaturvedi community, the Diwali rituals continue till Dashami Tithi and beyond. Kansa Vadh is a local festival of the Braj region and is celebrated mainly in the city of Mathura. The Chaturvedi community mainly celebrates this festival. In Hindu mythology, the story is a significant episode in the life of Lord Krishna and is associated with the festival of Janmashtami. As Kans Vadh Day 2023 nears, here’s all you need to know about Kans Vadh Day 2023 date, Kans Vadh Day shubh muhurat and the significance of the day. November 2023 Calendar With Major Festivals & Events: Get the List of Significant Dates in the 11th Month of the Year.

Kans Vadh Day 2023 Date

Kans Vadh Day 2023 will be celebrated on Wednesday, November 22, 2023.

Kans Vadh Day Timings

The Dashami Tithi will begin at 01:09 AM on November 22 and will end at 11:03 PM on November 22, 2023. Tulsi Vivah 2023 Date and Time: Know Tulasi Kalyanam Shubh Muhurat, Puja Vidhi, Significance of the Auspicious Day.

Kans Vadh Significance

Kans Vadh Day holds great significance for the people of the Braj region. The day of Kansa Vadh, the killing of Kansa, is associated with the divine intervention of Lord Krishna to rid the world of the tyrant. This event is often celebrated during the festival of Janmashtami. As per mythology, Kansa was the king of Mathura and the maternal uncle of Lord Krishna. A prophecy had foretold that Kansa would be killed by the eighth son of his sister, Devaki. Fearing his death, Kansa imprisoned Devaki and her husband Vasudeva and killed their seven children. When Lord Krishna, the eighth child, was born, Vasudeva carried him across the Yamuna River to the village of Gokul, where Nanda and Yashoda raised him.

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