A National Son and Daughter Day is marked annually on August 11. As the name suggests, it is the day dedicated to all children and appreciating them in the family. Young of old, sons and daughter form an integral part of any family and this day is just an annual celebration to let them know how special they are. It is about spending time with children and understanding them through their growing up days and making them feel special. It is a day that promotes strengthening the parent-child relationship. Each family has a different equation with their children and National Son's and Daughter's Day is just about appreciating it. We tell you more about the history and significance of this day. These 10 Quotes and Images Perfectly Describe the Precious Bond of Sisterhood and Brotherhood.

History and Significance of National Son and Daughter Day

It is a family-centric fun holiday celebration that reminds parents to spend time with their children. The origin of this day traces back to 1930s in Missouri. It is said that a young boy, son of K Henry Dusenberry, complained to his parents that each of them had a day to themselves but why not him. So the idea is said to have caught on and form the celebrations of National Son and Daughter Day. It became popular over the 1970s. One of the early articles that mention the celebration is to the 11th of August in 1988. On this day, parents would place a flower representing each of their kids in a vase, placing it in a prominent room in their home. Parents would gaze at their flowers and think about their children, and especially if their children no longer lived with them. National Siblings Day 2020: These Science-Backed Ways Siblings Make You Happier and Healthier Proves that Blood Is Thicker Than Water!

The idea is to truly enjoy your children's company and make them feel loved. It could be a small treat or a family outing. Because of the pandemic, you can be away from your children but you can always have virtual celebrations this time. To all the families, have a great celebration of National Son and Daughter Day 2020!

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