Every year, Nunavut Day is celebrated on July 9 across Canada with festivities and grandeur. The annual event commemorates the establishment of Nunavut as a distinct territory in Canada. On this day in 1993, the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement Act and the Nunavut Act were passed, leading to the creation of Nunavut on April 1, 1999. Nunavut Day celebrates the Inuit culture, heritage, and the achievements of the Inuit people in gaining self-governance and preserving their way of life. Nunavut Day is a public holiday, per the 201 Nunavut Day Holiday Order. Despite being a declared public holiday in the territory, many organizations and stores remain open throughout the day. On Nunavut Day 2024, we bring you the history and significance of the day commemorating the passing of the two Nunavut acts. July 2024 Festivals, Events and Holidays Calendar: Complete List of Important National and International Days and Dates in July. 

Nunavut Day 2024 Date

Nunavut Day 2024 is celebrated on July 9, a Tuesday.

Nunavut Day History

After passing of the 1982 plebiscite on the question of the division of the Northwest Territories on July 9, 1993, the Parliament of Canada passed the Nunavut Act, establishing the territory of Nunavut, to come into operation sometime in the future. On April 1, 1999, Nunavut became a legally distinct territory from the Northwest Territories, coming into being as a territory on this date. In 2000, 'Nunavut Day' was celebrated on April 1. However, it was felt that the 1993 Nunavut Land Claims Agreement had greater significance to the people of Nunavut, so the holiday was moved to July 9 the following year.

Nunavut Day Significance

Nunavut Day is an important day in Canada that highlights the importance of indigenous self-determination and cultural preservation. The day highlights the progress made towards recognising and respecting the rights of the Inuit people within the broader Canadian framework. On this day, several cultural activities and events are organised throughout the day, including traditional dancing, games, speeches and workshops.

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