Sawan, also known as Shravan month is one of the most auspicious months in the year. The month dedicated to Lord Shiva is very special and the devotees celebrate its great enthusiasm and fervour. However, if you are fasting, you might want to know about the Sawan Somwar vrat Katha, matra and other rules and regulations. The year 2020 will see Sawan Somwar beginning from July 6. According to the Hindu calendar, fasting begins alongside the month of Shravan. One can opt for nirjala fasting (with one time eating after sunset) or falahar, where people can only eat fruits and sattvic food. Among Hindus, the Shravan month holds a special significance. Hindu scriptures say that this month must be utilised to worship Lord Shiva.

It is believed that Sawan month is the month when Shiva devotees can try pleasing Mahadev and succeed. According to the Panchang, Shravan month comes in the fifth month of every year starting from the month of Chaitra. For all the devotees of Mahadev, the God of all Devas the month is extremely auspicious.  Here are few dos and don't, holy mantra and vrat Katha that you must keep in mind if you are planning to fast.

  • As the Saavan month begins, wake up early in the morning, take a bath, and wear clean clothes. Try adding Gangajal to your bathwater.
  • Thoroughly clean your house and the worship. Sprinkle Ganga water.
  • Offer water and milk on the Shivling.
  • Make sandalwood tilak and apply on Lord Shiva's Shivling.
  • Chanting the mantra "Un Nam: Shivaya" ("ऊं नम: शिवाय") at least 11 times.
  • Offer betel nut, panchamrit, coconut, bael leaf, dhatura, fruit, flowers etc. to the Lord.
  • Light a clay lamp with ghee or oil.
  • Sit silently in front of Lord Shiva's idol and take a resolution that you'll fast for all the Savan Mondays and meditate.
  • It is important to listen to Shravan Somwar Katha for people who are fasting on this day. Even if you are not fasting it is considered auspicious to read and listen to savan somvar vrat Katha.

Here's Sawan Somwar Vrat Katha (Watch Video):

  • Read Shiva Chalisa and perform aarti for Mahadev.

After your evening prayers you can end for fast for the day by eating Sattvic food. Charity and donations during the Sawan month is considered extremely fruitful. Just do not let negative thoughts come into your mind.

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