The auspicious date of Ekadashi hold immense importance in Sanatan Dharma. There are said to be 24 Ekadashis every year, however, by adding Malmas or Adhikmas, their number can also increase to 26. Utpanna Ekadashi fast is observed on the Krishna Paksha of Margashirsha month. This year, Utpanna Ekadashi fasting will be observed on November 30. There are two Ekadashis in the Krishna and Shukla Paksha of every month. Lord Vishnu is worshiped on this day. But very few people know that Ekadashi was a goddess who was born to Lord Vishnu.

Ekadashi is said to have appeared on Krishna Ekadashi of Margashirsha month, due to which this Ekadashi was named Utpanna Ekadashi. It is said that, moksha is attained by the effect of this fast. It is believed that the fruits obtained from this fast are more than those obtained from Ashwamedha Yagya, hard penance, pilgrimage, bathing and charity etc. However, it is imperative that the fast is correctly observed on this day and some important dos and don'ts given below are followed:

  • Stay away from tamasic food.
  • Do not start the day without offering Arghya to Lord Vishnu.
  • Give Arghya only using water mixed with turmeric. Do not use roli or milk.
  • If health is not good then you must not fast. Just follow the puja procedures.
  • On the day of Dashami Tithi, one should use datun instead of toothbrush in the evening.
  • One should not eat food at night.
  • One should sleep remembering Lord Vishnu.
  • After taking a bath in the morning, take a resolution and keep a Nirjala fast.
  • Lord Vishnu should be worshiped during the day.
  • In worship, Vishnu should be pleased with incense, lamps and various types of bhog.
  • Abandoning bad thoughts, one should adopt a sattvik spirit.
  • During the night, chanting of lamp and aarti and singing of bhajans should be done in the name of Shri Vishnu.

Utpanna Ekadashi Vrat Katha

Utpanna Ekadashi Vrat Katha

Apart from this, those who observe Utpanna Ekadashi fast, they get the same result as charity and bath at difficult tapas-pilgrimage places. With this fast, both the mind and heart are said to be purified and Lord Shri Hari is said to shower special blessings.

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