What Is Alcohol Prohibition Week? It Is Dry Day on October 8 in Several States of India
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While the Germans guzzle beer during Oktoberfest, October in many states in India is drier for seven days straight. Liquor shops and permit rooms remain closed for reasons ranging from the religious to the secular. Apart from a list of dry days, several parts of India observe the Alcohol Prohibition Week which begins on October 2 and continues till October 8 to mark the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. During the entire week, various programmes are held to generate awareness among people to deter them from consuming liquor. On October 2 and October 8, states observe dry days shunning the shops and bars to sell liquors. List of Dry Days of 2018 in India: Check Dates When Alcohol is Not For Sale. 

What is Alcohol Prohibition Week?

Today, many individuals are engaged in the consumption of alcohol, tobacco, gutka, cigarette and other intoxicants which not only affects the health but also the living atmosphere around us. During, the Alcohol Prohibition Week a number of programmes are conducted to generate awareness among people to deter them from consuming liquor. Many private and governmental organisations arrange workshops, exhibitions, seminars, debates, posters and essay competitions creating cognisance about the ill effects of addiction. Individuals are advised to avoid all forms of addictions. The school and college students also participate in various events during this drive. List of Dry Days in Mumbai 2018: Check Complete Calendar with Dates When Alcohol is Not For Sale in The City. 

Administering pledge against the substance abuse, filing affidavits, exhibition, debates in educational institutions, speech, painting and slogan-writing contest, essay competition, are all part of this week-long celebrations. Today, as it is the end of the Alcohol Prohibition Week, all liquor establishments, be it shops selling liquor and hotels, or bars are forced to shut the shop. You will not even get to booze at any pubs in the cities.