Every year, April 24 is celebrated as Women’s Political Empowerment Day across the world. This day aims to increase the presence and popularity of women in world politics. In a universe where women have been striving to fight for what should have always been theirs, it becomes especially difficult for women to enter the world of politics and political causes and be taken seriously. In a world filled with patriarchy and social stigmas and stereotypes, there are still many brilliant women who have proven that your gender has nothing to do with your political career. In fact, all that matters for women in politics is to have strong ideas, clear vision and of course, an unflinching ability to convey their message. There are many amazing examples of women who have been empowered in the area of politics. And as we celebrate Women’s Political Empowerment Day 2020, here are the powerful women leaders of the world who are paving the way for the future generation of female ministers and people. Women’s Political Empowerment Day 2020 Date: History and Significance of the Day Focusing on Need for Female Representation in Politics.

Jacinda Ardern

If you have been reading the news any time, you are bound to have come across this immensely talented, grounded and humble leader who has set a stellar example of how to lead a country on countless fronts. Jacinda Ardern has been serving as the Prime Minister of New Zealand since October 2017. Whether it is making sure that her country takes Global Warming seriously and delivers on their commitments in the Paris Agreement, taking a stand against a horrific event or even merely bringing out the most humble and sweet message for kids during a world pandemic, Jacinda Ardern has done it all. Whoever thought that women could not lead a country well, surely have a lot to learn from this phenomenal leader who has shown that compassion and emotions can nurture a country beautifully. Her approach towards tackling the Coronavirus crisis in New Zealand has also been praised globally.

Nancy Pelosi

If you are an avid global politics fan, you know Nancy Pelosi for decades of dedicated work in the US. If you are a millennial or Gen Z you surely know her for her more recent achievements that have played a key role in shaping the political scenario in the US. While even the non-political folks loved her social-media moments of the iconic clap or the strong and opinionated paper tearing, her actual accomplishments that range from being a key contributor in charing some of the most important bills in the United States to leading the infamous impeachment of US President Donald Trump, Pelosi has done a lot and that too with the poise, grace and patience that is rare to see. She has inspired millions and shown that women truly can be the calm-headed political leaders that the country needs them to be.

Tsai Ing-wen

Tsai Ing-wen is the seventh president of Taiwan. The first woman president to serve the country, Ing-wen has done a commendable job in transforming the growth and development in the country. In recent times, her exemplary work has particularly come to limelight, as Taiwan has been tackling the COVID-19 cases with great precision and skills. The country has now been trying to help others in their fight by doing everything from sending safety kits and masks for the frontline workers to seeking entry to the WHO to contribute more to build a better world.

While these are just some of the phenomenal women leaders that the world is currently witnessing, our future political heroes are already in making. Whether it is climate activists like Greta Thunberg and Vanessa Nakate or inspiring role models like Malala, women are finally taking the steering and entering the world of politics with unflinching bravery and a clear vision. And as we celebrate Women’s Political Empowerment Day 2020, here’s to hoping that more and more women are open and motivated to enter the world of politics and make the world a much much better place. Happy Women’s Political Empowerment Day!

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