World Thrombosis Day 2020: One of the top emerging medical risks these days, other than Coronavirus, is Thrombosis. For people who do not know what Thrombosis is, well, it is a “medical condition where a blood clot is formed in the veins of the leg, groin or arm, and moves in the circulation, getting placed in the lungs. It is a very dangerous and potentially deadly medical condition.” To bring the focus back on this deadly disease and people who brave this severe condition, the people around the globe observe the World Thrombosis Day every year. There’s a lot to know when it comes to World Thrombosis 2020 – its date, history, and significance, then you have arrived at the right place.

World Thrombosis Day 2020 Date

Like every year, the World Thrombosis Day 2020 will be celebrated on October 13, which will fall on Tuesday this time around. Did you know the official symbol of World Thrombosis Day was made by a patient? Well, here’s more about the event’s history.

World Thrombosis Day History

The first observance of World Thrombosis Day took place on October 13, 2014. The day is observed to commemorate and honour the life of Rudolf Virchow, who was popularly known as the pioneer of the pathophysiology of Thrombosis. Since then, the world is celebrating his birth anniversary every year.

World Thrombosis Day Significance

Some several controversies and myths are floating around Coronavirus (amidst Coronavirus) currently. To curb down the rising numbers and educate people across the world about Thrombosis, several international industries come together and observe World Thrombosis Day.

Thousands of educational events and seminars take place around the world to educate and inform people of the looming danger. It talks about public health awareness, critical risks, symptoms of Thrombosis etc. The World Thrombosis Day is celebrated to bring back the lost attention of the medical authorities on this deadly disease. The primary objective is to empower people, wherein they can talk with their healthcare providers about the risk of Thrombosis and much more.

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