World Water Monitoring Day 2020 is on September 18. As the name suggests, the day significantly revolves around the importance of conserving water. Water Monitoring Day is established to encourage and educate people on how to monitor the components of the water in their local area. Water pollution is a serious problem, and the sooner we give it immediate attention, the better. As we celebrate World Water Monitoring Day 2020 today, it is important to know the history and significance of the observance. This is why, in this article, we bring you the details of World Water Monitoring Day, its date, history and why we need to conserve water. Do You Drink Water Only When You are Thirsty? Here's Why it is Bad For You!

World Water Monitoring Day 2020 Date

World Water Monitoring Day is celebrated on September 18. The day was first instituted in the year 2003 to build public awareness and involvement in protecting water resources around the world.

World Water Monitoring Day History and Significance

World Water Monitoring Day was created by America’s Clean Water Foundation in 2003. The date, September 18 was initially chosen to be a month later in October to recognise the anniversary of the US Clean Water Act, which was enacted by the Congress in 1972 to restore and protect the country’s water resources. It was in 2007, when the date was changed to facilitate participating in parts of the world where temperatures reach freezing at that time. Can You Be Allergic to Water? Everything About Aquagenic Urticaria Explained. 

The day was founded with the aim of being a program that reached out to people all over the globe to raise awareness of water pollution issues. The day is intended to build public involvement and awareness regarding the protection of water resources around the globe by ensuring that citizens empowered to carry out standard monitoring of their local water bodies.

It is very important that we conserve water. Our water supply is limited, which means we do not have a limitless supply. Again, it is important to note that only 3 percent of all the water is freshwater, out of which only one percent is available for drinking. The other two percent is sealed in glaciers and snowfields. Saving water now, will make water available in the future.

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