You probably have a bottle sitting right in your bag to meet your daily hydration goals. But quite ironically, for some people water can be detrimental to health. Yes, water allergy is a real thing, and although it is rare, it is the reaction that happens on the release of histamine when one is showering, swimming and even drinking water. If you are allergic to water, you would likely be diagnosed with urticaria which appears like a skin rash or pruritus which is characterised by itchiness. Here's everything you need to know about water allergies.

What Causes Water Allergy?

Most cases of water allergy do not have a clear underlying cause, but there is a possibility that it can be genetic. However, the triggers of a reaction include freshwater, seawater, bodily fluids, sweat, tears and even urine. Most of the times, doctors can diagnose the condition just by the symptoms, but if they are unsure, they recommend the water provocation test. From Pet Allergy to Inhaling Cigarette Smoke, 6 Things That Are Making You Sneeze All the Time!

What Are The Symptoms Of A Water Allergy?

Aquagenic pruritus is characterised by symptoms such as itching pain and burning. On the other hand, in aquagenic urticaria symptoms such as rash with hives and welts show up. In mild cases, the outbreaks tend to go away in 30 minutes or an hour, but people with heightened reactions can build up enough histamine to start panting and go into anaphylactic shock. From Mushroom to Eggs, 7 Surprising Foods You Didn’t Know Could Kill You!

Sometimes, the reactions can also show up internally in the gastrointestinal tract with ingesting water. Only a few ounces of water can lead to severe stomach cramps. People with severe allergies drink milk to get the needed hydration. Can You Be Allergic To Seasame Seeds? Here's Everything You Need To Know About the Causes, Symptoms and Diagnosis of the Food Allergy.

Is There Any Way To Treat A Water Allergy?

People suffering from water allergy will have to take non-sedating antihistamines continuously to prepare their body for shower, workout or any other nasty weather. People with chronic urticaria need to take Omalizumab to make the body less sensitive to allergens. But since it is a progressive disease, patients can become more dependent on the medications over time. In some mild cases of urticaria, doctors suggest phototherapy, a treatment that uses UVB radiation.

Unfortunately, there aren't too many options for people with water allergy.  It is a lot about the strength that they find by enduring so much pain.

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