When we talk about shelf life, we commonly talk about medications and food items. But how often do we really think about the expiry date of our sanitary napkins and our tampons? Well, it turns out that female hygiene products do not have an expiry date, but does it mean that you can store them for eternity? Should you buy your sanitary napkins in bulk? Read on to know about pad and tampon storage and their shelf life.

Do Female Hygiene Products Expire?

The tampons and the sanitary napkins do have a long shelf life, but it does not mean that they do not expire. Sanitary Pads Made of Banana Fiber? Eco Friendly Napkins Are Also Good For Women's Health.

How Do You Know if Your Products are Expired?

When looking for a pack of sanitary pads or tampons, remember that the manufacture date and the expiration date are generally listed. Always check the expiry date on the package. It is typically about five years from the time it is produced. Heavy Menstrual Flow Giving You Nightmares? From Winged Saniray Pads to Stain-Resistant Clothes, Here's How to Prevent Period Leaks and Stains.

Do not pick anything with the wrapper damaged as dust and bacteria may have collected on the same. Also, look out for colour change, extra-fluff sticking out from the napkin, or a bad odour.

What Happens if You Use an Expired Sanitary Product?

Using an expired product can put you at risk for vaginal infections, irritation and even abnormal discharge. It is best to reach out to your physician if you notice any of these symptoms. World Menstrual Hygiene Day 2020: Understanding the Pros and Cons of Sanitary Pads, Menstrual Cups and Tampons.

What is The Right Way to Store Pads and Tampons?

Never store your sanitary products in the bathroom as it may shorten their shelf life. The bathroom has a lot of moisture which means that your pads will likely accommodate more mould and bacteria. Always store them in cool, dry, places such as the closet in your bedroom.

Bottomline: Pads and tampons expire. So always check their expiration date and be sure to store them in cool and dry places to optimise shelf-life.

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