No one really enjoys a congested nose, but when we have one, what do we do? Let us be honest and admit that we prick our nose. But that is not the best way to clean your nose. Cleaning your nose during a bath is as important as cleaning any other parts of our body, just like your armpits and your neck. But how do you exactly get the mucous, dirt and debris out of your nose? There is not a lot of hard work, you can do it with these easy tricks.

Try Using a Nasal Wash

A nasal wash can be an excellent wat to remove the debris and mucous from your nose. You can buy a saline solution from a medical store to clean out the bacteria, allergens, and germs inside. You can also try using a nasal spray. COVID-19 New Symptoms Listed by CDC: Congestion or Runny Nose, Nausea and Diarrhoea, US Health Agency Adds These Three in List of Possible Coronavirus Signs.

Take a Steam

The moisture and heat from breathing in the steam will clear your nose and sinuses. Boil 3 to 4 cups of water and pour it in a pot. Place a towel over your head and then breathe in the steam through your nose. All the moisture will get the mucous and the dirt moving out of your nose. Sinusitis Causes and Symptoms: 5 FAQs About Sinus Infection and it's Treatment Answered By An Expert.

Sniff Onions

Yes, you heard that, right! Sniffing onions can be a great way to remove the dirt from your nose and keep it decongested. The onion will behave as a catalyst and secrete a liquid to clean your nose. Anosmia Awareness Day 2020: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment of Condition That Causes Complete Loss of Smell.

Use a Neti Pot

Another way to remove phlegm and germs is to use a neti pot. Add 10g rock salt in a litre of water, heat till lukewarm and fill the water in the neti pot. Tilt your neck and touch the tip of the pot with your right nostril. Breathe in water the water through your right nose and keep your mouth slightly open. The water will automatically pass out through the left nostril. Now repeat it with left nostril.

You can also blow your stuffed nose to remove the mucous and the dirt. Just ensure that you shut your eyes and keep your mouth open to release the pressure from your face while blowing your nose.

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