Self-Declared 'Church' Sells Bleach As 'Miracle Cure' to Heal HIV; FDA Warns People Against Consuming the Toxic Substance
Self declared church promotes toxic substance (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Ahead on Easter last week, a self-described 'church' had been promoting a miracle cure that claims to eradicate diseases including HIV. According to reports, people are made to drink bleach in this church saying that it can cure eradicate 95 percent of health concerns. The quasi-religious organisation called Genesis II Church of Health and Healing claims that the bleach can also cure autism. As the word spread, the Food and Drug Administration warned the public not to attend the church as the substance they provide is highly toxic. Their next event was to be held in Icicle Village Resort in Leavenworth, Washington on Saturday.

According to The Guardian, the group has been inviting people to their churches to get cured through Facebook posts terming it as "effective alternative healing". According to the report, the organizer of the event, Tom Merry, shared details of the event on his personal Facebook page by saying that learning how to consume the bleach "could save your life, or the life of a loved one sent home to die". According to the Facebook page, a self-appointed "bishop" named Mark Grenon was set to lead the meeting on Saturday. Bibles And Cross Remain Intact in Fire That Engulfed West Virginia Church, Fire Department Shares Pictures.

The church also seeks a donation for miraculously curing people. Attendants were asked to five USD 450 each and USD 800 for a couple. This includes membership to the organisation and bleach packages which they call "sacraments" also referred to as MMS. The "miracle mineral solution or supplement" is said to give users "the knowledge to help heal many people of this world's terrible diseases".

MMS contains chlorine dioxide which is a powerful bleach used on textiles and in the industrial treatment of water. The report quoted an FDA spokesperson as saying, "The FDA continues to advise consumers about the dangers of Miracle Mineral Solution and the agency has issued warnings to consumers over the past decade." They said, "Consumers who have MMS should stop using it immediately and throw it away". The substance is banned in several countries due to its toxic abilities.