Smallest Baby in South Asia Born In Hyderabad's Hospital, 'Cherry' Weighs Only 375 grams
'Cherry', South Asia's smallest baby, born in Hyderabad survives. (Photo Credit: Twitter/Rainbow Hospitals)

In an extremely fortunate incident, 'Cherry', who is now South Asia's smallest baby, born in Hyderabad survived. The baby was born in a private hospital called the Rainbow Children's hospital of Hyderabad. 'Cherry' only weighed 375 grams after birth and is only as long as the size of a palm. The survival of the baby seemed difficult but, miraculously the baby survived and is healthy.

According to experts, the children involved in such cases usually have a survival rate of 0.5 per cent and they are prone to the risk of dysfunction of various organs. The Hospital tweeted out the good news to share it with people. They captioned the first picture with, 'Proud moment for us! Welcoming South East Asia #SmallestBabyBorn. Stay Tuned for live updates from the event.' Take a look at the tweet:

The hospital further put the picture of the baby, take a look:

They also mentioned that the baby was of the size of the palm:

The hospital went ahead to share the emotional moment of the parents when they held the baby in the arm:

They also shared the pictures of Dr Dinesh and the team members of the hospital:

The worlds smallest baby who survived had a premature birth was born with feet of the size of a fingernail. Named, Emilia Grabarczyk, she was only 8.6 inches and weighed 229 grams. Premature babies usually are kept under observation and need extreme care.