Lions Mane Brows: Goodbye Painful Threading! New Beauty Trend Lets You Rock Full Bushy Eyebrows
‘Lion mane’ brows: This new bushy beauty trend doesn't require plucking, threading or waxing (Photo Credit: Screenshots/Instagram/ claudianeacsu/ theartistedit)

I say this on behalf of all the women who are tired of the painful threading waxing of the eyebrow that finally we have a beauty trend that celebrates the real us. This new brow trend doesn't require any kind of waxing, threading or hair removal. This new fad will make you fall in love with it because of its authenticity and realness. The new age body positive beauty world has really changed the way we saw body hair quite a lot. Women are loving their body hair even pubic hair, here is Why Pubic Hair Shouldn’t Be Shaved: 8 Benefits of Going ‘Full Bush’

As the name suggests the trend is all about going bushy and giving your brows a more natural, untamed look. This new brow trend involves brushing your brow hair in a way to make them look fuller. You can easily get the look at home without much of a hassle of threading or trimming. All you have to do first is to let your eyebrows grow as they normally would and patiently wait for them to become fuller and thicker. Take some setting gel to push your eyebrows upwards so that they stay in place all day and look dense. If you are someone who naturally has very sparse eyebrows you may want to fill in your eyebrows like you normally would, except more on the upward direction. Take a look at how the new trend looks:

I am glad that fuller brows are back. There is now absolutely no need of threading or waxing. Also, even though you need a bit of gel and brushing, the look is closer to our natural brows that the fully set, trimmed and shaped brows. What do you think? Let us know your views in the comments section below. Also, which brow trend do you think is the best till date?